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Started by G_G, January 30, 2010, 11:07:54 am

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Well you know the box that says "press OK to upload"? You could put a cancel button in there.


ah thats what you meant, that I can do. *goes to do it*


Sweet :D This is a really cool device. The only things I can think of that would improve it are....

1. More shiny. Redesigning the application with a custom skin and buttons would make it cooler :P Totally unnecessary though.
2. The ability to upload poses to go with a charset. That way you could upload all the blizzABS poses for a character (a list of the poses could be shown to the right of the charset. And when you click download, it could ask you if you want to download the poses with it.) This would really be cool :D
3. Member accounts (so a member can modify and delete their submissions). I know we've all mentioned this before, but I felt like making a list :P

It's really cool that you put the time into making this.


Me and lore are working on the first one, I might do the 2nd one and the 3rd one seems doable. I'll finish the cancel button and see if I can add a member account thing


Ok :) make sure to keep us posted. Once those two features are added, I've got my entire sprite shrine to upload :D


Version 1.11 released. Dont feel like editing first post for actual version change.

Anyways when submitting a resource you can now click cancel in case you made a mistake.


Glad there's a cancel button now :D. Oh, another idea I have for character poses is to allow you to upload a ZIP as a charset. Just a thought.


I might do that as well. I might soon add winrar support too but I know a few people who dont even know what a rar file is which is why I kinda want to keep it strictly zip.

Anyways updated. Its not called DURP. (Databased User Resource Program. It may be changed again who knows. Thanks aqua).
Also in the preview window you can cancel a download if you accidently click download. Also it'll be little easier viewing images now. You'll see when you run it.

So you don't have to redownload it but its recommended.

Hellfire Dragon

Nice work G_G :D I added 3 of my Grey Thief set.


Updated the program. Completely new layout. The preview window is way better. And there is now news and updates tab so you can check the latest stuff out.

Way easier to navigate. It is very recommended to get this version. Also I won't have to keep posting here when there's a new update. The program tells you the current version and under Updates it shows you the latest version.

All resources submitted are still in the database. Keep submitting!


I like the new layout. But the GoTo part of the menu seems kind of pointless (I mean there are only four tabs, we don't need a longer way to click on submit resource)


I get what you're saying, I just didn't want the menu strip to be empty.


Yay, my sexy support signature is out! :D
Facebook is like your fridge. You know nothing is in there, but you check every 5 minutes anyways.


I've got (another annoying) suggestion. I don't know how difficult this would be, but it would be cool if the server renamed the file after a fashion like this...


that way, if someone donwloaded a ton of graphics off the server, they'd easily be able to remember who to credit :D

Just a suggestion though, I'm sure you've got your plate full already, lol.


Do you mean when they click download the text in the save dialog appears as name_author? If so that'd be easy as pie!

Also be sure to check updates every now and then guys to see the new version.
I also updated it a bit ago with the new icon aqua made me so if you havent already, update.

In the next version there will be an updater so you won't have to keep redownloading.


Yah, that's exactly what I mean :D The trouble with downloading any resources is that it's way too easy to forget who to credit.

And I'll be sure to redownload, but yes an updater would be nice so I don't have to keep checking this thread, lol.


Okay I'm not going to add it  yet but it will be added in 1.30. Hopefully by 1.30 I'll have the updater finished and have a progress bar for uploading and downloading files.

Any other suggestions?


I'll just rehash all my suggestions (for your convenience, I'll put a big green "NEW" next to the suggestions new for this post. WHEEE lists...)

  • Make the layout shiny (using a custom skin for the window would go a long way). Since it's a simple application, this wouldn't obstruct it's use.
  • User accounts (thus allowing an "edit" button :P)

  • The ability to either upload poses that'll go with a specific charset, or at least the option to upload a zip for a charset

  • Removal of the Go To section of the taskbar (that's what they're called, right?). It's rather pointless, with the tabs right below it linking to the same locations

  • Make XP and VX resources of the same format (like animations) read the same table in the database.

  • have the save window start with the file name as name_author

  • A "download all x" button for each category, where x is the category of resources you're in (like charsets, animations, etc.) *NEW*

  • auto re-IDing of the database upon deletion of resources. (or a removal of the display of such numbers, it bothers me how the charset numbers go 2,3,4,28,29...)*NEW*

That's all I can think of right now.

Great program game_guy


Don't forget the "Sort By" and "Search" features.
Facebook is like your fridge. You know nothing is in there, but you check every 5 minutes anyways.


there is already a search feature, but I was just on my way to mention the sory by, lol. Eventually, someone is going to submit a white tie sprite or something. It'd be nice to be able to sort by sprite template.