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Started by G_G, February 15, 2010, 04:18:14 pm

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Mark and Recall
Version: 1.0
Type: Teleporting System


This system is based from Morrowind. What Mark does is mark the exact location you're standing on. Then you can go to a different city or map and use Recall to go back to that location.


  • Marks current location
  • Recalls back to that location







  • 2 Spell Slots
  • 3 Variables
  • 2 Common Events

I'm going to be referring to the 3 variables as variable 1, variable 2, variable 3.

First we'll setup the common events. We'll do Mark first.

  • Name one common event Mark.
  • Next in the common event, have it show an animation on the player.
  • Wait about 12-20 frames for the animation to finish.
  • Now we'll add three variable functions. Set variable 1 (we'll call it Stored X) and set it to the player's x location.
  • Set variable 2 (we'll call it Stored Y) and set it to the player's y location.
  • The last variable (we'll call it Stored Id) and we'll set this one to the Map ID.
  • Then show a message saying "Location has been marked" or something along those lines.

Finished Product
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The second event will be called Recall.

  • Add a conditional branch. Make it check to see if variable 3 (Stored Id) is Greater then 0
  • Under the If show another animation on the player. (It can be the same or different)
  • Wait another 12-20 frames.
  • Now add a transfer player command. Except we aren't choosing the location. choose the appoint with variables. Set the Map ID to Stored Id, set X to Stored X, set Y to Stored Y. Choose direction and fading.
  • Under the else of the conditional branch display a message saying, "Location hasn't been marked yet." or something around there.

Finished Product
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Time to setup both skills now.

  • Name two different skills. One Mark and the other Recall. (Feel free to change the names)
  • Setup the description, icon, and sp cost to your liking.
  • For both skills set the occasion to Only From Menu
  • Set Mark's Common Event to Mark
  • Set Recall's Common Event to Recall
  • Make sure the Scope is set to none.

Finished Products
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Now give the two skills to an actor and try it out. If you're having troubles understanding this, download the demo. Read through the events. If you would like just copy and paste everything to your project.

Credits and Thanks

  • game_guy ~ For making it
  • Bethesda ~ For originally making the system for Morrowind.
  • Hellfire Dragon ~ For testing it

Author's Notes


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Ah, seems really useful. I'll level you up in the next two hours. ;D


That's very usefull for minigames! (in my upinion :))
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I LOVE The Elder Scrolls series, especially Morrowind! Good job :D *levels up*
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