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Started by (Hexamin), March 10, 2010, 02:04:23 pm

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Okay, whether it's been done before or not...  Who wants to see a game using ATES that lasts a period of 10 in game days, with huge storyline diverseness and many many many multiple outcomes?

'Cause I may just do it.
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Sounds cool. Why ten days? Not that it's a problem, just wondering.


Some games have had time period limitations though I've never played any personally...

I might be wrong, so don't be too harsh if I am... :^_^':
Majora's Mask
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Well just briefly going over it in my mind... say there are 5 potential outcomes for a day, then 5 potential outcomes for each of those outcomes the next day.  Then 5 potential outcomes for the previous day's outcomes.  That's 5x5x5x5... 5^10 if you will.  That's nearly 10 million possible outcomes for 10 days.

Haha, not saying that I'm going that in depth, but I think 10 days could be enough time to have some fun and have some sort of storyline between whatever characters the player comes across.

Edit 1:  And yeah, Majora's Mask is a great game, despite how annoying it was to live 1 day 24931289 times.

And I'm thinking that if a player really wanted to, he could just sit there for 10 days picking flowers, if he really wanted to.
Max 1111101000; characters remaining: 1110111000


Pikmin had a time limitation, too, and it was awesome. Kept setting me under time pressure and all that stuff.
Go for it, i'd say.


It works best for visual novel-type games. Every dating sim ever pretty much did it.

Uh, go for it. Any RMXP game that's decent is worth making, really.


i'd love to see this, if you need any help making it, give me a heads up :)