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Trainer Zydragon

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Anna Lockheart, Lvl 1: ShowHide

PLAYER: WhiteRose
SEX: Female
CLASS: Ex-Knight

HP: 12
MP: 0
Att: 8
Dex: 3
Str: 11
Def: 6
Int: 0
M.Def: 0

Primary Element: Ice
Weapon Affinity: Sword and Shield
Character Details: Anna's father is a high-ranking member of the Velorian military. She never knew her mother; she died before Anna remembers. Though she was young, her father trained her in the use of the sword. With such training as well as her natural talent, she quickly rose through the ranks. She became the youngest captain the army had ever seen. However, in a freak accident, her entire regiment was killed or wounded while out on a mission. She still does not firmly grasp the nature of what happened, as she herself was knocked out during the battle. Unable to explain what had happened to her superiors, she was stripped oh her rank and title. Determined to leave her past behind her, she is leaving the city, looking for a new life.
Appearance: Shoulder-length brown hair, blue eyes, average height, slender. She prefers to wear her armor, as she has simply gotten used to wearing it by now and feels naked without it.
Techniques: Helmsplitter

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Helmsplitter: ShowHide

At the temporary cost of 2 Str (taken off your stat value AFTER the skill is used) you have +2 Str and +2 Att for one use of this skill. Str is recovered over time.