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Started by GAX, February 14, 2008, 12:09:01 am

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I lurked around this topic. As a person who faced a serious spyware virus that nearly crippled my computer (Fortunately, nothing important has been lost), I had to go to a good community that supplied me with a great cure. They suggested, after I obtained the cure, to use something that is not Internet Explorer as a web browser. Why? According to them, they stated that Internet Explorer, although not bad, so many viruses and spyware (Worms, trojans, naughties) go take the failures of IE to their advantage. I think they used FireFox or something, 'least that's what I'm using now.

Then they suggested, for a messenger, Trillian, since it's universal and worms (Or naughties) won't go because Trillian is so...private or whatever. That's all I can remember. But I do use HijackThis and Smitfraudfix to speeden up my old computer in my room. That's a pile of junk, unfortunately.

Need to find a way to speeden that up, can't defragment it and scan disk it, it fails...but I don't want to use ComboFix at all. If this seems like jabber to you, sorry, I'm a rambling piece of beeswax.

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It's a double-edged sword. Firefox is actually less safe than IE, but the thing is that most viruses/trojans/worm really do target IE. You're safer with Firefox than IE IMO. But you're safest with Opera. :)
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Well my old comp (this comp's old hardrive) was devastated by my brother's porn sessions. My compter was so messed up, I could randomly not see certain sites, and sometimes no internet at all, although I could upload and download things via FTP. During one of my rare moments of internet, I was chatting. Someone suggested AVG. It mainly fixed my computer, and gave the inet more stability. In the end though, I had to replace the hardrive (technically, all the commercial software I'm running now is cracked, aside from Maya, since I needed keygens to get my software back, XD)


Wow  :-\.... that must have been alot of porn  :P. I almost never watch that shit  :P. And I got Opera Downloaded NOW! ;D and I like it better than IE.
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Yeah, I'd actually reccoment Opera.  At school, I have a flashdrive that uses U3, with Firefox and Opera installed because my school uses Mycrapsoft stuff so much I feel we should have a "Sponsored by Microsoft" label on our student handbooks.

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