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Started by winkio, April 27, 2010, 05:15:54 pm

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Planar Force is a 3D puzzle-platformer game based around the rotation of gravity.  The player can rotate gravity alonng the 6 axes in order to traverse their way through levels and puzzles.

This game was made from scratch completely in C# using XNA.  The models were done in Autodesk 3DS Max.


this is quite simply an awesome idea. ROTATING GRAVITY wow that has to take  a lot of thinking to stop people from simply free lancing it to the goal, though if they can do that they must be pretty awesome
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Yeah, it tooks us about 2 months of playing around with level design (while working on coding the game) to figure out how to make challenging levels that couldn't be easily circumvented.  Of course, we didn't have enough time to make all of them, but whatever.  Experience is good.

By the way, everything, except for how it handles animations, was custom coded, by our group, and I did the majority of the coding.  The code is the real product of the project, not the gameplay.  If we would have had more time (2 more months), gameplay would have been MUCH better, but oh well.


When do we get to play? :x


very soon, assuming the installer works and you have an XBOX 360 controller that plugs into a USB port...


It's for PC, right?

BTW, what does "Rating: E" mean?
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Meaning any age can play it. E for everyone.


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Quote from: Blizzard on April 28, 2010, 02:58:30 am
It's for PC, right?

Yes, although if I had an XNA Creator's Club account, I could also build it for XBOX.  It all would work on XBOX, I just don't have the account (because it's expensive).

And yes, E is the game rating.

EDIT: While I would like to put the game up for people to play, I don't have the time, and very few people would actually be able to play it.  I'm probably going to delete this thread.