Weapons (Blizz-ABS)

Started by Dweller, June 03, 2010, 04:37:38 pm

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Actually, shield sprites are fairly easy. Just get the icon, stick it over your sprite appropriately and resize it if necessary. Also, hoping no one notices is quite helpful. (Sorry if I just told everyone your secret, Dweller :L)

yes yes, but how about when you faces sideways? It doesn't look right to me to have the shield the same direction.

True, I haven't gotten to that part.  I would reccommend messing around with layers until it works.

Yeah I do, I mess around with the transformation function in photoshop, but it looks slightly silly :\ I think I should be able to edit some of the shields in the blizz abs rtp topic on page 2 to make them fit.

The Niche

I'm a little scared to try it, what does transform actually do?
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Dropbox is this way, not any other way!


Just hit ctrl+t, it allows you to do things such as rotation and streching etc. Also more advanced stuff.


I've been finding this for a long time!!! :D (3 min)
Thanks so much!!! :naughty:
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 Is there any program that can do this or I must make them manually?


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Hey Dweller,

I've used some of your artwork for templates to make other weapons. I thought I'd post them up here to share with the community. They're not as good as Dweller's, but hopefully somebody might find them useful.


Spoiler: ShowHide


Spoiler: ShowHide


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Catch Pole

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Four Prong Staff

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Large Club

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Large Hammer

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Dragon Tooth

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Military Pick

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Morning Star

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Quote from: locowhiteknight on October 26, 2013, 06:50:02 pm

I really like the "exotic" feel of some of these weapons. There are plenty of sword sprites around, but it's a lot harder to find something for a scythe, military pick, or dragon tooth. Great job. :)


Thanks! I'm working on fan project right now in RMXP, so I'll probably be posting more weapon sprites here in the near future. I'm glad you liked them.
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Can someone reupp them please?.. :D