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Started by bboyd93, June 25, 2010, 08:55:09 pm

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I've flipped through the script in XP, but I'm having a little bit of trouble. 

What I want, is to have an extra 'Key Items' section when you enter the Items section of your menu. 

I suppose, that something would need to be done to Scene_Item, but unfortunately, I'm just a no go with scripting.

Could anyone offer me some assistance?  It would be very much appreciated.   


This feature is included in Blizzard's Stormtronics CMS. With his permission, I'm sure you could just use the Scene_Item (Or whatever it's called) from that in whatever menu you're using, or, alternatively, you could just use the CMS as a whole, as it's quite a nice one.


I took a look at the Stormtronics CMS just to see if I could get this working at all. 

But I just can't find anything in there concerning Key Items. . .   Albeit I'm not very savvy with scripting :<_<:

Plus, I'm already using a Ring Menu system, which I really like.  Is there a way I can add a 'Key Items' section to the Items screen that's already there?

Thanks for the suggestion though.   


It's probably Scene_Item you'll need. Do this:

1) Press CTRL+F when the script of STCMS is open and search for
class Scene_Item
2) Copy everything between the beginning of Scene_Item and the end of Scene_Item (the end is marked with
). Please get the correct end: check if it has the same number of tab's before it as
class Scene_Item
(probably 0).
3) Paste it in a new script below your old script.
4) Voila. I think it should work :D.

Wow, I'm wondering why nobody responded? 10 Days...