BattleStatus content goes up...

Started by DasMoony, June 30, 2010, 02:29:27 am

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So... hi there at all.

I want to script a own BattleSystem for the RMVX and have a very annoying problem now.

In the BattleStatus window I have up to 4 heroes, their HP and MP bars and one bar for all (including enemies) who indicates how long they have to wait till their turn starts. So far everythings working fine. But as soon as the actor command selection starts will the whole content of the BattleStatus window moved up and cutted at the top of the window.
And I'm looking now since ages (well 2 weeks...) why this happens and don't ge the clue. :(

I went countless times through the code up and down, down and up and right now i don't know where exactly this problem is triggered. That's why i don't know which part of the code could be helpful to post.

I'd love to get some help on this.