Gantz: The Role Play (Sign Up + Info)

Started by Lore, August 02, 2010, 05:11:57 am

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This Role Play will be based off the popular manga and anime Gantz, but with some changes. Google it if you wanna find out more.

Background Story

    I am here to give you a second chance at life. Each one of you was about to face Death straight in the eyes and I'm sure everyone in this room remembers how they died. I will not say who I am, but know that you are very much alive. I brought you here because each of you are like a plague to humanity. Rape, suicide, failures in school, murder, one of these flaws are within each of you and now you must atone. Momentarily I will be giving everyone a task to complete, whether you choose to participate is up to you, but know that you will die otherwise. If you successfully complete the task without getting yourself killed, I will grade your performance. Once you achieve 100 points, I will allow you to return to Earth and start your life anew, the day before you died. I will not be answering anymore questions, such as where we are, who I am and why you specifically were chosen. I will be monitoring each of you closely. Now then, each of you will be receiving a custom suit that will unlock a hidden potential within you and give you above-average strength, speed and reflexes. Come forth and let your trial begin!


1. I will not actively participate in any of your tasks.
2. Do not PM me asking what/who I am in the game and about any further info on your tasks. That is for your imagination to decide. The exception to this rule is if you are lost or need further advice on how to post to advance the story.
3. Do not be some sort of badass. You may choose a relatively powerful ability but honestly, don't expect to solo a task, this is a team-based role play.
4. I have the right to intervene if anyone is getting carried away by ruining the experience or being too strong, I will not hesitate to kill your character. (After all, I control your fate)
5. The tasks require careful planning and teamwork. I will occasionally post to give further insight, or if you are fighting something, I will act as the creature you are fighting.
6. Some of you may die, but you get 2 chances in this game. If you die once, you can play again, but if you die again, you're out of the game. To die you must do the following:
A) Attempt to be a complete rambo and dodge all attacks, do insanely strong ones and basically ruin the teamwork aspect of the game.
B) Be completely useless to the team, i.e Not helping in the planning stage, not executing actions properly (This is flexible, if you do it occasionally because you want to kill someone on your team due to hate for them, that's fine, but don't do it all the time)
C) You may die at random depending on the difficulty of the task.
7. Remember, this is just for fun, the point is to score 100 points but obviously not everyone will, heck no one may achieve it at all.

I will be adding more rules as the game goes on.

Sign Up

Use the following template to sign up:

How I died:
Sin against humanity:
Suit Ability:

Here is an example entry:
Name: Lore
Age: 25
Appearance: Short brown hair, glasses, 5'9", athletic build, white skin
How I died: Car crash
Sin against humanity: Raped an elementary school teacher
Personality: Outgoing and has a sharp tongue. Very lazy and careless but loyal towards his friends.
Suit Ability: Superhuman eye sight. Of course you can pick a variety of abilities like Super Jump, Fire Arms Proficiency, Martial Arts Master, Superhuman Strength, etc etc Just remember that the suit bestows a bonus to Strength, Speed and Reflexes on its own. Compare the bonuses as such:
Strength - Olympic Weightlifter (Full body, positively affects jump height and distance as well)
Speed - Capable of running at speeds of 20 km/h (roughly 12.4 mph)
Reflexes - Karate Grandmaster

Progression of story

The role play will progress like this:
1. I will be creating a thread with the Mission # in the title.
2. I will give you a summary of the mission, as well as any info on targets that need to be eliminated.
3. You will have a day or so for the team to do a plan. This means make use of everyone's abilities and form a general strategy of advancing. If someone has keen eyesight, have him scout, while someone with high speed can survey the area. Things like that. You may post your ideas out of role play, just make sure they make sense in consideration of the mission info and your team mates abilities. Don't say "We'll swim across the river" if no one in your party can swim.
4. After planning is over I will post the opening post containing important starting information such as: Where you are, what weapons are available, your time limit (if there is one) and anything else pertaining to the mission.
5. Everyone then posts as they see fit to progress the story. Make sure you act as realistic as possible. Imagine you and a group of people need to hunt down some alien cyclops that is lurking the city. Are you going to know exactly where he is right away? Maybe you need to look for clues? Maybe get to know each other? What about your surroundings, are you familiar with the area? Is anyone in your group familiar with it? Can you still execute your plan based on the new information given? Always ask yourself realistic questions before posting, try not to see this as fantasy, except for the fact that you are like superhumans fighting various aliens. These aliens are also supernatural and CAN and WILL kill you if you drop your guard, so act as if this is pure reality.
6. I will reply with various hints if the group is off track, or if they have found their target, I will role play the alien and fight back based on your groups abilities, actions and plan.

Whew, sorry for the wall of text, hopefully this will be fun and exciting. I'm trying for a more realistic combat approach. Superhumans vs Aliens, so you can still use supernatural abilities and your imagination, but you are mortal and can die.

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