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Your name is Sticked.
You are walking along the street one day when you come across an old coughing man, he's about to fall over but you grab him, and stop his fall, you place him gently on the ground, but he has already passed.

There is a note in his hand, it has a phone number written on it, but the last number is blurred, it's either a 1 or a 7

Which number do you ring?


((Only one answer please, anyone can answer, but only ONE))


I CALL 911

then the second one.


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((The old man is dead. Why call 911? :huh:))

You decided to ring 555-312-0987, you get out your celephone, dial the number and your greeted by the voice of a hot  sounding woman...

"Oh my, my, you sound like a big strong handsome man, ohh... you should come down to my house..." *humping noises and seducing voices are heard in the background* "Oh, wait a second... Ohhhhh.... Yeah, so big boy, come down to my house at Stick Road, number fifty two --" *BLIZZZ*
Ahh, well you say, and head down to number fifty two. OHH NOO!!! you cry as you reach number 52; there's two number 52's! well, there's no point turning back now, and you can hear music coming from one of them, so you step forward and knock on door number...

a) 52 a
b) 52 b


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im going with 52b also, but karl, you should make a different story than the one you did on rpg-palace.
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@squareman: The idea was to see if the two forums would choose different outcomes, I also wrote down the different dialogue for each choice...
I may aswell use it :P

You knock on door 52 b, you wait a little bit, then knock really loudly on the door, the door is quickly swing open by a very ugly chick with glasses.

"Uhh... sorry" You say "... I must be at the wrong house..."
"Oh, are you the big boy...?" she says in a seducing voice
*You throw up*
"Oh my god" she screams, then turns you around and starts to do the hyman maneuver, which only makes you throw up more.

After a while of throwing up, you black out, and come to with the girl lying on top of you for some reason
"Ugh... what happened?" you ask
"I saved you life!" claimed the girl
"Oh..." you say "What will it take to get you to get off of me?"
"te hehehe... a kiss" said the girl
"How about you tell me how you got my number? are you a stalker? te hehe"
"Uhh... I got it off some dying old man on the street"
"Is HE a stalker? te hehe"
"I don't think so... look here's the piece of paper"
"That's not my number, my numbers 555-312-0987, this number is 555-312-0983she says while rubbing off ink, "see?"

Should we call this number then?
a) Yes
b) Yes
c) Yes


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