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Started by legacyblade, September 07, 2010, 11:01:36 am

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Hello everyone. I know there are people on this site that would really like to learn to make websites, but don't know how. And unless they're techy like a lot of us on the site (let's face it, we've got a lot of very computer literate people), it's pretty dang hard to learn how. I remember how hard it was.

Awhile back I found this guy named Chris Farrel. My dad was geeking out, as he was in a site builder phase. He'd found this guy who'd been able to teach my dad how to create sites from scratch. Granted, my dad's not artistic, so he can't make anything remotely pretty, but my DAD now knows how to make websites. I watched his video and read his books, and I wish I'd found him when I was getting started. Would have made my life easier.

Go to that link, watch his video, and if you like him and what he's saying, sign up to get his eBook for free. He also teaches internet marketing, and I personally have bought some of his other products. This guy is good, take advantage of him giving this stuff away for free. I think it's pretty cool.