Trying to find a way to carry objects(Vid inside)

Started by tmrevolver, September 19, 2010, 03:51:23 pm

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Okay, so I basically wanted to do what's shown here:

I can make an event stay on my character, but it's real jerky when I move.

The video doesn't have any instructions, so I'm at a loss.


Uh, I'm no expert, but I don't think it's evented.
This is a topic about eventing a havest moon game, see if it's any help for you:
The guy suggested a visual equipment script. That's all I have. Good luck  :D


a script in which it allows a player to carry an event(the object) would make the creator famous (especially when he or she shows it off in a overly flashy demo, and continues to update it)

but hmmm, Maybe it has been done. :P
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This could be evented. But you'd need to make a sprite holding the item.

Then literally when they get to it put
If (item press on)
Change graphic to character with item
when hotkey pressed
Custom Animation
change graphic

or his could be a script.