Hunt the cows (by mastermoo)

Started by fugibo, March 15, 2008, 02:01:00 pm

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Hunt the Cows
Version: 1.00
Type: Minigame


Okay, I was planning on getting feedback from Zeriab before I posted this but I think he is away now so I'm just going to post it. This requires the use of many switches and variables (under 10) :D I'm not sure people would put this into their games. XD Also, being able to get prizes and stuff, I can do, but I just didn't do it yet. Hope people like it! Also, please give feedback.

You are now able to set the amount of cows you want! Remember that more cows = more lag.


  • Fun Minigame
  • As many cows as you want.



This is where you begin. I made it so that when you walk all the way down and say yes to leaving, it shuts off the game. ;D You can read what the tree sign and the wooden sign say.


This is inside of the huge tower. You can talk to a couple of things. Talk to the girl to begin the minigame.

Minigame Grounds

A couple of events here.... COWS! ;D


LAWL!!! I forgot that this could happen. This screenshot is courtesy of Zeriab.


Hunt the Cows demo download


Credits and Thanks

  • mastermoo420

Author's Notes
Technically, this fulfills requirements. It has screenshots, character info, a demo of 15 minutes (if you make it that long ;D) and story basics. ;D

As you all know, I am the King of Cows (not a cow myself *Cough*). I decided that I have too many cows so I have hosted this event called "Hunt the Cows." Join others in the race to kill (er capture) many cows! Earn rewards (only one so far)!

Character Info:

Zeriab! Not knowing what he looks like, I have assumed that he looks like Arshes/Aluxes.
Name: Zeriab
Job: Cow Hunter
Age: Idk, but he's in college
Hobbies: Killing (er capturing) cows.



I downloaded this from RMRK, the newest one. I found the "seceret cow" or whatever behind trees, but there were no other cows on the map. And I couldn't walk on the flowers.

Umm ... why? lol