Penalty Minigame (by PINEDAXP)

Started by fugibo, March 15, 2008, 02:10:04 pm

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March 15, 2008, 02:10:04 pm Last Edit: August 08, 2008, 12:55:07 pm by Aqua

Penalty Minigame
Version: 1.00
Type: Minigame


This event took me a while to think, please note that I´m no good at eventing, still, this minigame has showed itself as a cool system and fun to play...

It´s a minigame for the world famous Penalty kicks! (drums please...!) that part of a football game when there´s no future and defines A class tournaments...! Also that part of life you can enjoy, just grab a ball and go out and play with your buddy or your big/small bro...


  • A football penalty shot minigame.
  • Random outcomes so you don't always win nor lose.




Here´s how it works:

You choose the direction of the shoot using (W A D) in the keyboard (W=up A=left D=right) and then you take the shot, it can be either get stopped by the goalkeeper or you can send it off the park, also there´s an specific case when the ball doesn't get to the keeper (because you´re learning the sport in the middle ages, duh!) because you do not posses the skill to kick every time a perfect shot... Also, the keeper can go to the same side as the shot, ans still don´t stop the penalty, so if you ask me, I say it´s realistic, in my test plays, I found that you could win and lose very randomly, so can`t win´em all, nor lose´em all

Credits and Thanks


Author's Notes

I enjoy reviews, so please, I know it´s far from perfect, but it´s ok, it works, I mean, the demo posted has some nice features, such as myself annoying you before you can play... lol... Also if you know the one who did the ball, please tell me so I can credit him in my game.