The Academy of RolePlaying

Started by Vell, October 23, 2010, 11:38:02 am

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Well, see, Chaos Project's got a LOT of creative people, but not all of them are interested in the english language... and maybe some don't know the concept of limiting a character's power.

So, I'm here to help with that! This is an academy for learning how to roleplay! The scenario is you are in a college, and you are your character. Roleplay, show me what you're doing. Teachers will go around correcting you on your mistakes, mostly that means me.

"So, students. This is your initiation. Also, for a note, due to the nature of this roleplay," the teacher up front said, being very meta in the process, "you will not be required to make a signup. Just start playing." She materialized a chalkboard behind her. Teachers did that often in the AoR. Most people pronounce it 'oar' when they say it. "The AoR is a school for those of you who are a bit lacking in roleplaying talent, or maybe just as an exercise if you're nervous."

She paused, and wrote something on the board: Requirements for joining: Establish first post and characterization. She smiled, and opened the floor to questions by saying, "That is all, any questions?"


"oh! oh!" a student in the front row raised his hand and bounced in his chair. this particular was a teachers pet Named Ryex, but most of the class simply called my Ry for short, but Ryex thought that some of them just used the nickname as an excuse to compare him to rye bread. "Can I share the 'Rules of Role Playing' as they have been established by RP communities across the internet?!" Ry was bouncing so much now that he was in danger of breaking the chair.
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"Keep in mind proper capitalization at the beginning of your sentences, and try to keep a consistent use of third person narrative during your next post, Ryexander. Also eliminate any tendency to use Random Capitalization In The Middle Of Sentences. See what I just did? Don't do that." The teacher then pointed at Ryex. "You may explain, if you believe you are correct."