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Started by G_G, January 03, 2011, 04:58:51 am

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they were resizzed in photoshop :(

They're not resized in proportion though. For example, when you were transforming the image, you probably had a different width percentage when compared to the height percentage. To prevent any ugly resizes in the future, make sure these proportions are equal to each other. (75% : 75% as opposed to 40.6% : 85%, etc.) You can easily do this by holding the Shift key when you're moving the corners of the box around.

Will do from now on.


>Implying that I'm not a creature yet.



Give me a 192x192 picture that you want to use.


Remove affiliate. Site was epic fail. But was also epic win. But still epic fail.


It was just another one of your interesting experiments and tests upon php and whatnot, wasn't it? xD

What's osu!? It's a rhythm game. Thought I should have a signature with a working rank. ;P It's now clickable!
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Yea. But I told myself, why affiliate this? Could have been better. But meh. Which reminds me, gotta get my blog system posted >.>


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I was thinking about making something like this for the monsters on GameCraft. Of course that would make me competition for your website and I really don't want to do that.


Hey feel free to do this. This was a practice project, I'm not putting fourth anymore work into it. There are several flaws in the system anyways. Go right ahead. xD


Like how I can keep refreshing the level up page to level up my character infinitely?


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Quote from: Jek on April 03, 2011, 04:17:36 am
Like how I can keep refreshing the level up page to level up my character infinitely?

You read the homepage, right?