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Started by acknowledge101, February 23, 2011, 03:31:26 am

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(NOTE: I realize there are like a bazillion other games with generic-ass titles like mine, but mine started as a joke, I swear. Just not a very funny one. I've contemplated changing it due to the lukewarm interest for the game (eg. next to nothing) but decided against it as it kind of matches the game perfectly for better or ill.)

Super Nomad Quest started out as another project to pass the time.  Having recently gone through a number of SNES rpgs and action/rpgs I had missed from my youth, I realized how badly I wanted to make a game in a similar vein.  And thus I embraced my true love; colorful 16-bit graphics, cliches with a twist, slapstick humor, characters you actually care about, and a large and detailed world.  That and whatever else I wanted.  Thus we have Super Nomad Quest; my greatest realization for the possibilities offered by RM2003.

And that's just it.  I'm not out to re-write the book on what can be done with RM2003;  I'm merely trying to make the best possible RPG that can be made with what is provided in the program.  I am not a coder; merely someone with a strong sense of quality and a love for the medium.  One of these days I'll go to school and hopefully get a job for this kind of thing; until then...

You play as Bayonne; a young man that recently got out of college and finds himself in search of something called "the Crest."  Along the way he'll meet several strange characters, find hidden civilizations in the world and in his own mind.  Super Nomad Quest is a journey for truth, secrets, madness and sanity; all held behind the disguise of the ultimate material treasure: the Crest.  At the end of the day, it's a quest for piece and peace of mind.

Gameplay/Further details: ShowHide

The generic RM2003 battle system is used.  Monsters only drop items which you sell for profits, (funnily enough I didn't take this idea from several other modern RPGs, just an original idea that turned out not-so original; oh well) or use in alchemy to create necessities that would otherwise cost too much to buy.  Money is spent on customizing characters with spells, armor and weapons.  

The quest system does not limit itself to beating certain enemies, etc, but may sometimes be mini-games or even help better understand the main storyline.  All the same, quests are completely optional.  

There is no "world map;" just many large-to-small branching maps ala Dragon Quest 8, Secret of Mana/Evermore, etc.  I'll only be using RTP for the main characters, as I don't have a knack for creating quality battle, chara, and face sets myself, but still want this to look and play like a classic 16-bit SNES game.  Chip sets and music are non-RTP, and typically edited by myself to fit events.  I'm not aiming to make a super long RPG, but I do want it at a decent length, say 10-15 hours.  So... not a ridiculously intricate story, but long enough to get the point across.

Characters: ShowHide

Bayonne is the unlikely main hero (yeah, yeah) from the southern continent of Drozd. He was raised by his father only, who was an artist but also in search of something called "the Crest." After Bayonne got out of college he found himself aimless, indecisive and flat broke. Some time during this period his father died and told him to continue looking for the Crest in Baroth. Bayonne traveled to Baroth, where his journey began. Bayonne is timid; young and naive, but not stupid; obviously his transformation from weakling to hero will be a big part of the storyline (yeah, yeah).

Arzachel is one of King Harry of Baroth's consuls. He practically grew up in the castle serving the royal family and is flat-out rude, but still playful and anything but a novice. He is the constant source of intel and also torment to Bayonne when they meet in Baroth and far into the game.  He's also got some kind of deep dark secret that even he is possibly not even fully aware of.

The Callows family occupies the portion of a short-story in this game. They are a rich family going back many generations that established Cape Lucid, to the east of Baroth, as a trade bloc and port. They're likely to show up later in the game too.

Nepenteth is the penultimate evil dude/guy.  His true motives are unclear, but it's obvious that he's out to hinder Bayonne's path and obtain "the Crest" for himself.

Yuri is also one of King Harry's consuls and very close friend to Arzachel.  Why she then turns traitor and joins Nepenteth in hindering Bayonne and Arzachel is as of yet, uncertain.

Himmel is a fisherman that lives with his family in Reubezahl, southwest of Baroth. When Reubezahl becomes "cursed," he joins the party to travel through the mountains to find his family and help return Reubezahl to its former state.  When we first meet Himmel he has a very serious personality, which clashes largely with Arzachel's.  He mellows out a lot later on though and Arzachel and he actually become somewhat chummy.

Cosmi is the fourth and final regular party character.  She went to college with Bayonne and eventually ended up teaching in Bayonne's hometown afterwards; whether this was coincidence or not is unclear.  Bayonne and her are great friends that maybe care about each other far more than either will let the other know.

Progress: ShowHide

Story - 90% (practically done, but things sometimes change when I go through the process of actual eventing, so I'd say the story is all but concrete now.)
Maps - 70%
Events - 22%
Battles/Balancing - 40%
Quest guild - 20%
Side-stuff/other - 25%

Demo/Release: ShowHide

The demo I've provided is about an hour to two hours long depending on how you play it and barely scratches the surface of the main storyline. I hope to have the full game completed sometime Summer 2011.  or ya know, whenever. - download demo here. 23.03 mb rar file.  Should work without an RTP or RM2003.

Credits/resources: ShowHide

Other facesets: Fazinha
Other charasets: Lonewolf, Mr X., The Werewolf, _JeT_
Other chipsets: Skyrifter
RM95 monster sets: Scorpio

I'd like to thank Mack, Blue and Roco obviously for chipsets and facesets respectively.
Ultima Island - for its resources and community.
Gormo at gamespot for his interest and help in promotion. (check out his suikoden union:

Other resources:
chara project
sprite database

and there are several more i'm sure. if you happen to have made/ripped any of the graphics used in this game, let me know so i can give full credit.

tl;dr snes homage "super homo quest" coming to the pc right in front of your smelly face.


Iyz likes its the 1st screen pretty much sumarize how the game is how cool i will check it out


Just realized the mediafire link is dead.  Getting on fixing that now, so you guys can check out the demo.