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Started by Runefreak, February 26, 2011, 02:33:13 am

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[font="quot"]Cheat System[/font]

This tutorial will show you how to insert a cheat system into your game, it will give you anything you want if you insert a certain code.

  • ->Step 1: Make An Item
    First you need to create an item that is used for inserting the codes and getting the cheat, so just create a quick item and name it anything you like (I'll name it "Cheat Book").

  • ->Step 2: Create the Common Event
    Now go to the Common Events tab and create a new common event called Cheats (Or whatever you want it to be). To begin you can insert text saying something like "Welcome to the cheat book". Next insert the event command "Input Numbers", create a new variable and call it whatever you like and  choose it. Then choose how many digits your cheat codes will have. I'll choose 4, but it can be any number between 1 and 8. Once your done with that, click OK. Next create a Conditional Branch. Choose Variable, then change it to the one you made earlier. Next, choose Equal to from the drop down menu. Then choose Constant. Here, put in the number you want one of your cheat codes to be. For example, I put 6782. Remember to make it as long as the number of digits you chose in the Input number command. Now click OK. In the conditional branch you just created, you created a cheat.

  • ->Step 3: Giving a Cheat
    Okay, so if you inserted the right cheat code it will give you something, say an item. So in the conditional branch, make it something like this (This is how I set it):
@>Input Number: [0001: Cheat], 4 digit(s)
@>Conditional Branch: Variable [0001:Cheats] == 6782
@>Change Items: [Full potion], +99
: Else
: Branch End

  • ->Step 4: Fixing the Item
    Go back to the items tab to your Cheat item (I named it Cheat Book so I'll call it that), change it to these settings:
    Name: NAME HERE
    Description: DESCRIPTION HERE
    Scope: None
    Occasion: Only from the Menu
    Price: 0 (This can be changed if you are selling it in a shop)
    Consume: No
    Speed: 0
    Animation: None
    Common Event: <Cheat Common Event Here>

      Then you can give it an icon if you like.

    If I forgot anything tell me please


    [Here is a good example of a cheat system that is a little more advanced ;)]
    @>Text: -,-, Normal, Top
    :  :\nb[Code Breaker]Would you like to enter your beta code?
    @>Show Choices: Yes I have a code., No I do not have one.
    : When [Yes I have a code.]
    @>Text -,-, Normal, Top
    :  :\nb[Code Breaker]Enter your 5 digit code now.
       @>Input Number: [0004:Beta Code], 5 digit(s)
       @>Conditional Branch: Variable [0004:Beta Code] == 12345
      @>Text: -,-, Normal, Bottom
      :  :\nb[Code Breaker]Beta Code is activated!
      @>Break Loop
    : Else
    ( Between here is where you repeat the Conditional Branch that checks the other code variables again )
      @>Text: -,-, Normal, Bottom
      :  :\nb[Code Breaker]Incorrect code! Try again?
    @>Show Choices: Yes, No
    : When[Yes]
    :when [No]
      @>Break Loop
    : Branch End
    : Repeat Above
    :When [No I do not have one.]
    : Branch End
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Do you know of a way you can input letters of variable length, instead of numbers, of a set length?
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Good job. I used this script in Zeiling.
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