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Started by Runefreak, February 26, 2011, 02:33:41 am

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This is for absolute beginners to learning the database

Actors Tab==>
The actors tab is for creating new characters and editing the characters, you can control the
actor's stats. Also the name of it, starting equipment, face graphic and actor graphic. As you can
see at the bottom of the actors list it shows a button saying "Change Maximum", if you click on that
then you can raise the number for more actor spaces to add more characters or you can remove
some. The stats at the right is how much hp and mp the character has, also you can set the
stats to how much attack it his and how much defense it has and agility and spirit.

Classes Tab==>
The classes tab is for creating and editing the classes (Or jobs). Same thing if you want to make more
classes click the "Change Maximum" to how much you want. The menu in the middle of the window
is for putting what the class can equip. The right of the window shows the elements, it is going to be
hard to explain this so I won't. (Try searching for a different tutorial about that.) Anyways the bottom
right corner is the Skills it can learn. right click the menu and click "Edit" and choose the skill it can
learn and put what level it learns it.

Skills Tab==>
The skills is for creating the moves that the characters can use to heal or attack in battle
and in the menu. You can put the name, description, icon, what it does, and put the
attack and also put the animation of it. (Also remember to put the MP cost of it!)

Items Tab==>
I don't really need to say much, but the items tab is for creating new items for your character. You can
change the name of the item, put the icon for it, and put what element it uses (If it is just a normal item
that doesn't do anything don't put an element). You can put the price of the item if you are selling
it in a shop, you can change the occasion of when you can use it. (Only in battle, only from the menu,
always, and never)

Weapons Tab==>
Really just for creating new weapons for your game, you can put how much attack and defense it gives (It's a
weapon so I recommend not putting any defense in it) you. You can choose if it is a Fast Attack weapon, Two
Handed, Dual Attack, and a Critical Bonus. Also you put the elements and states it can give when you attack
a monster in battle.

Armor Tab==>
This I don't even need to explain, it is made for creating new armor
for your characters in game. Put the price if you are selling it in a store
and put the defense it gives, the states it can resist and put if it is a
shield, helmet, body armor, or an accessory.

Enemies Tab==>
Enemies tab is for creating new monsters for your boss battles or just
normal monsters. You can put the stats it has, the skills it uses and
when it uses it. The name of it and how much exp and gold it gives
when you kill it. That is pretty much it.

Troops Tab==>
This is used for making the troops after you created your monsters, the box at the right is
for adding monsters to the troops. You can make new ones (Change Maximum) and click
the monster you want in it and put the name of it and put the position of it when it is in battle.
You can also do a Battle Test with it to see everything you just created and change it a little
if you wanted to.

States Tab==>
This is for the states for what your character or enemy is in. You can put what the
state does to you or enemy and the message it gives when you get it. Then in your
skills or items or weapons (You get the point) you can make it able to give that state
whenever you use it.

Animations Tab==>
This is pretty difficult for new users. This is for creating animations
for your skills or just in an event. To get new animations you can search in the Resource
Show Case for it. Sorry but I won't explain this right now, but it will be added soon!

Common Events Tab==>
Common Events..it's for creating events that can be used again and again anytime, also
made for skills and items. The options are really the same as a normal event window
so I don't really need to say much. Oh and the best way to create a bank system, etc. is to use Common Events, since they can be repeated instead of making a new one every time there is a bank.

System Tab==>
The system tab is for making new elements, changing the music of everything (Not everything), also
changing the sound effects in the game. You can also set the graphics of the vehicles in the game and
put the vehicle starting position and actor starting postion. You can change the title of the game anytime
you want in this tab, also you can change what your starting party is by right clicking it (it's in the top-
left corner).

Terms Tab==>
The Terms are used for naming the HP, MP, etc. in your game.

Thanks for reading my tutorial!
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