[Misc] Creating a Signature for Your Game

Started by Runefreak, February 26, 2011, 02:36:25 am

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I made this tutorial a long time ago. This tutorial will show you a very simple way to creating your own signature for your game using Adobe Fireworks CS3/CS4, many people use Adobe Photoshop but I'll show you how to create one with Fireworks. In my signature you may have seen some signatures for my game, well they were removed due to the fact that my signature is getting quite long. So I'll show you how to create one for your game. This might be able to be done with Photoshop though I never tried it.


  • Adobe Fireworks CS3/CS4

Step 1: Creating the Base

So let's start creating the base, we will first start by creating a new project.
We will set the size of your image known as the Width and Height, it could be anything you want but for a signature/logo I suggest making it 470x100 (Width: 470 | Height: 100).

Be sure to make the background Transparent and not White or a Custom color.

Step 2: Creating the Box

This step will show creating your box or template (Whatever you call it <_< ...) to put your text/images/etc. on.
First choose the shape you want your box to look like, to do that go to the Vector section on the left of the window and left-click the Shapes and hold the click, opening a menu of the different shapes.
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Pick the one you want and create it on your sig/logo with the appropriate size that fits your image.
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Step 3 (Optional): Adding Filters

If you are pretty skilled at this or you just want to use the Gradient effects in the Fill Category you may skip this part, but I'll show you how to add a pretty cool effect. So let's go ahead to the bottom-right of the window to your Filters.
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You may mess around with those until you understand with it enough to handle it yourself, if you can't then I'll show you a basic effect that I like to use. The 'Drop Shadow' effect, to add it, click the '+' next to Filters and go to "Sharpen and Glow" and choose "Drop Shadow" which will show a window.
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Change it to the settings that please you most ^_^ and you now have a shadow below it, now let's continue

What We Got So Far
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Step 4: Inserting An Image

Let's say we want to add a Faceset to the image, how about we add this image to it but only include one face
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First, Import it by selecting File -> Import.

You obviously see it is way to big to fit the image and to make it fit select the Scale tool in the Select section on the window and resize your image the way you want it to fit. Here is what you should of got.
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Put it anywhere you want on the image and continue to the next step ;) (Please Note that you should already know how to add any other images and I will NOT I repeat NOT show how to do that)

Step 5: Text

I already showed the basic steps of setting up your sig/logo, so now let's finish it up with the text! First, choose the font/size that works for you and insert the text, it will come out like this, kinda boring and dull.
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So go over to your Assets -> Styles and choose the right one that fits you, add any special effects you like and finally you are completed!

Final Example
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Please note that this is just an example, be creative with it~
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