[RMVX] Creating New Monsters

Started by Runefreak, February 26, 2011, 02:37:06 am

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This is my second tutorial I made over a year ago, this is also for beginners.

Open up the Database and go to the "Enemies" tab, change the maximum number of the list at the bottom-left corner of the window. Make it higher, then click on an empty space. That is where you are going to create your monster. That blank square below the "Enemy Name", double-click that and the menu opens up to select the enemy's graphic.

You now have the enemy's graphic all set up, next put the monster's name and its stats. (Hp, mp, etc.) At the bottom it shows the attacks and skills it does, but since this is a new one all it says is the "Attack". So right-click the box and choose "Insert", then you can add a skill and the conditions it needs before using it. For example, you put in the skill "Triple Attack" and you want to make it only use that skill when its hp is lower. To do that look at the conditions for Hp and click that, that it says "0% ~ 100%". Lets say it has to have half health to use it, change the 100% to 50%. That is all you need to do, click okay and the skill should be in the box.

After you are finished with your monster go to the "Troops" tab next to the "Enemies" tab, do the same thing you did before. Change the maximum and make it higher, next choose one of the empty spaces. Put the name of your monster in the "Name" box, you have the name now you need to add the enemy.

There is a box on the right side of the menu, scroll down until you find your monster you created. Double-click it or click it and press on "Add", your enemy should come up on the screen. If you are using SBS move the enemy to the left side, if you are not then just keep it in the middle. Click apply and there! You created a monster!

I didn't explain the stats, so I will explain now. In the HP box put how much health your enemy has. (Ex: 2,000 HP) The MP for your monster is used when it uses a skill, so if your monster uses skills give it enough MP to use them. The Attack is how strong you want your enemy to attack. (Ex: 127 Atk) Put the Defense (Next to the Atk) on how much it defends or something..(=|) The Agility is used to dodge attacks, so put how much agility it needs.

The Hit Ratio is the accuracy, if it is 100 then it won't miss. (Keep the Evasion 5) The Drop Item is if it dies
it will drop the item, you can also put how rare it is to get one. (Ex: 1 out of 3) "Options", you can choose if
it "Levitates" or not. The Levitation is it floats and you have to use a bow and arrow or magic. (I think..)

Lastly put how much EXP it gives and how much GOLD it gives, so when it dies you get the exp and gold
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