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[XP] RMX-OS Following
« on: March 12, 2011, 07:19:39 PM »
RMX-OS Following
Authors: Wizered67
Version: 0.90
Type: RMX-OS Party Addon
Key Term: RMX-OS Plugin


This script adds a new command allowing player's to follow each other. It can be very helpful in parties, but you do not have to be in the same party as the other person. I got this idea while trying to get my friend to follow me while testing some stuff in my game.


  • Plugin for following.
  • Makes it easier to follow.
  • No Server Extension.
  • Easy to use.






(click to show/hide)

This requires Blizz-ABS also, and you must place it below Blizz-ABS.


Just add below Blizz-ABS.


Requires Blizz-ABS and RMX-OS. For the third time, make sure it goes below Blizz-ABS.

Credits and Thanks

  • Wizered67
  • Winkio for adding the pathfinder to Blizz-ABS.
  • Blizzard for Blizz-ABS.
  • Nathmatt because I borrowed a little from his player drop down window.

Author's Notes

For best results, you may want to consider adding this to nathmatt's drop down window. This script is not 100% finished yet. If there are any errors, please report them. I appreciate any feedback you have to give.