At the bar event system

Started by tech williams, March 27, 2011, 05:24:56 pm

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tech williams

At the bar
Version: 1.0
Type: Just for fun


This whole system was based around Blizzards walk drunk mistake script. Because the script is EXTREMELY bugged I had some issues getting the script calls in, but I found a way and it works perfectly by the looks of it. I did everything that way for a reason, but if you find an easier way to make it be my guest. Im still want to improve it so I'll update it from time to time.


  • Can set your limit (When you get Drunk)
  • Can have penalty states if you over drink.
  • Its mostly done in common events so you only have to do the hard stuff once.
  • Added realism by adding a drunk and hangover state and medication to get rid of them.


There's a good one in the scripts original post, but other than that I'm not sure if this script can use one.




the demo uses the following

  • 4 Items (2 types of alcohol, 2 medications)

  • 2 states (Not including default states)

  • 6 Common events (2 being drinks)

  • 2 Switches

  • 2 Variables

I tried using comments to explain everything but Ill explain the events here.

2 were different drinks. I may be able to simplify this, but I have beer which ads 1 drink token and Vodka which adds 4 (Instant drunk status.)
1 stops the drunk status instantly as well as shuts off blizzard's script when you use alcohol absorbers
1 was to shut down Blizzard's script. It seems that it doesn't like being with others and had unpredictable effects when I tried putting it with the other events.
1 held all of the effects of being drunk. My example was the screens colors going crazy (What happens when I'm drunk)
1 checks to see if you sobered up and will shut off the drunken status and give you a hang-over.

Credits and Thanks

  • Thanks to Blizzard for his awesome Mistake
  • I guess me for making it into a system
  • AliveDrive for sounding interested enough to make me share it.

Author's Notes

Oh, and if you have a beer when you speak to Arshes (Or somthing like that) You can give it to him and make him drunk. I also added a ghost that only attacks drunks.

I made all of the sprites except for Arshes  and the bar is from the game im making.
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Well thanbk godness the bar was spard eh? *hic*

This is way awesome xD

Poor Arshes being a lightweight.

I like how you changed player movement speed on the stairs.

Also, in a previous game I had this hidden place nicknamed CRC (Crazy Rave Cave) and I used a rainbow filter like that, except without the change in brightness.
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I can't open this... Bah. Gives me error about old version of the system and that it can't find RGSS104e.dll. Guess i have to download the new version of engine then...
Unless i'm wrong about this... If so, feel free to correct me.


change game.ini to say this

Quote from: Blizzard on September 09, 2011, 02:26:33 am
The permanent solution for your problem would be to stop hanging out with stupid people.