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Started by Vell, January 08, 2008, 05:41:47 pm

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long ago, there existed humans, they'd discovered Dragons, which had existed only in lore up until then. They lived in fear, and did as there Myths and Legends told, sent Knights against them. this lasted a long time, and humanity's numbers were waning.

then they discovered how to capture and tame the 'savage beasts', and Humanity sprang back and drove Dragon's to the brink of extinction, then, suddenly, as if from nowhere, in the defense of the Dragons, came Wyverns, slimmer, faster, draconic creatures, they flew in on there scaly wings and, with wings more developed than a dragon's, outmaneuvered the captured Dragons, and freed Dragons from human control

but most of them had forgotten there Wild Instincts, and the human's once again conquered the 'wild creatures' and tamed Wyverns, and now, with two twin species, one bigger and capable of breathing flame, and one smaller, and sleeker, yet incapable of fire-breathing, they` believed they were ready for anything.

and they were.

some Dragons managed to escape and so did some Wyverns, but they were quickly recaptured, humanity soon began forcing breeding and other cruelties upon the 'lower creatures'. with almost no sense of Draconic Instinct left in the Race, Dragons and Wyverns led quiet lives as slaves and pets.

they even lost there truest heritage. there most sacred birthright. The one thing that would decide if a Dragon or Wyvern would be able to make it past Youth to Adulthood!

they lost...

there inner fire. Dragon's could no longer breathe flame after some time. and Wyverns' wings had grown weaker over the ages, and they couldn't carry as far or as fast as they once could.

that is the situation of the world as it stands.

but Nature has a way of changing things. if only for a while.

however, if the introduction of one species, sent humanity on that much of a fallback...

then all the Races of Lore must be unleashed upon the land.

but yet...

Earth, the planet who calls upon these beings in its most dire time against the humans... is weak, she is losing strength everyday, and the waves of her sorrow wash upon some of the purer humans, and her blessing is lost on even them, once given a taste of human power, they become corrupt.

so, with waning power, she can't call forth a whole race, but merely a select few of any number of races. some she took from Human Lore, and yet, others, Earth made herself.


humanity has taken over and nearly destroyed Earth. they've captured Dragons, and Wyverns, so now she sends few creatures of Lore, to come, and rid Earth of the Humans who've infested it.

You, are a noble warrior of a lore devised by humanity, or great mother earth herself.

choose a race from Lore, or make your own, and come, assist us on our quest to end all humanity.


Race: (you can choose one from lore, or make one yourself, if you make one yourself, provide a general description here)
Description: (describe yourself here, what do you wear? eye color? five sentences, five lines, NOT IN THE REPLY BOX)
Personality: (same as above... five sentences, five lines, NOT IN THE REPLY BOX)
Abilities: (spells, combat abilities, special powers, extra senses? whatever your special skills are, they go here, WITH DESCRIPTIONS)
Other (uhh, anything I missed, or anything u wanna add extra goes here)


Love this one it loooks....AWESOME!

uhhh before I made it what do you mean by NOT IN THE REPLY BOX???


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Oh ok I'll just make it than...

Name: Dante
Gender: Male
Age: 2746
Race: Hellhound (See Cerberus In Wikipedia)

Description: His left and right head are the heads of two Rottweiler's with demonic red eyes (Likes ones in Blizz's avy :P). His centre head consists of a a Rottweiler with black black night fur with dark red highlights,  and black pupils. When he gets angry his eyes glow red. The Rottweiler's teeth are white and look deadly with their blades being around 4ft long.
  The Hellhound's skin is black with a Viper for a tail. He is over 18 ft Tall when standing on his hind leg's and his Viper is over 15 ft long.

Personality: Dante is an intelligent being and is often called a smartass he has a hard interior and exterior.
He is rarely suprised and takes everything in stride.
He doesn't care for the human race and is looking forward to ripping them apart with his large fangs.
He has a thorough mind in guerilla tactics and urban warfare as he needs to think quickly and correctly when he is hunting in all types of conditions

Abilities: Because his fur is pure black and he is a hellhound he has the ability to shadowstep or to step into one shadow and travel to any other shadow in the entire universe,  he is also very quite and a silent killer. His extra senses consist of great hearing from his gigantic ears he can hear the smallest sounds from thousands fo miles away, he only has to attune himself to them to be aware to it. His smell is even better and once he has the scent he can hunt for a milinia and never give up on his pray even if they're universes away. He also from his paws can feel vibrations through the earth from hundreds of miles away if his other senses fail him.
Because of the power of his muscles on his legs he can jump hundreds of miles in one leap and he has great balanced from his viper for a tail
He has also delved into the Necromance arts of Dark Magic, and has the power to manipulate corpses to his every whelm, this can weaken him as a blood sacrifice is offered but the results of his magic are deadly.

His Necromancy arts and power are so strong together when he was a young pup he was angered by the beings of Atlantis and he brought forth heroes of lore from their graves and with them and himself he sank Atlantis to the ground he is therefore named : Destroyer of Atlantis  or Dante as it means bringer of Doom and change


cool, and of course, human's have magic and sooch.

only... the Description only comes to 4 lines, and the Personality comes to three

so once you get that, youre in.


I'll edit it later going to see "I am Legend" now :P


k, in the meantime, I'll be thinking.


k I finished it, btw you still need to write yours Ulta, can't wait :)


hehe, I'm gonna be controlling the humans in this war, but I'll have a character on the side against them too...

thing is tho, I'm planning on having some... behind the scenes things going on, done Via PM, don't be surprised if one of your members becomes corrupt...

anyway reason i havent posted my character is because I haven't decided if i should be an Elf, a Beast from Lore, or make something up entirely.

also, if your a Beast from Lore, like the Dragons and Wyverns, the humans WILL try to Capture you and Tame you. and if your a humanlike Species from Lore, they will try to either corrupt you to there side, or enslave you.


:P cool oh and mine is a mix :P human head and rest animal so he can use magic atm he only knows the Dark Arts, but could we make it they can learn stuff? or not because in most cases mages take decades to master their arts


>.> all creatures can use magic in this world. and yeah, I'm planning on having this go on for a while, after we get five people(including me, once I make my character) Ima start it.


People join up I wanna start it it's an awesome RPG



January 28, 2008, 06:38:09 am #13 Last Edit: January 28, 2008, 06:39:16 am by UltaFlame
Name: Kieladron Nelfors

Gender: male

Age: 350

Race: Timeless Shapeshifter

Description: usually stays in the form of a simple human, copying the visige of a nearby human, has no 'true' form, and uses this ability for scouting missions. Kieladron likes to use the form of one of his allies in battle, but he also often uses his own form, which resembles that of a giant bird, made of lightning, when Kieladron is in his bird form, the cackling of thunder resounds throughout the battlefield, and a thunder storm quickly gathers overhead. Kieladron also is skilled in using a horse-like form, for when his humanoid companions who can't run fast need to get somewhere fast, he lets them ride on his back. his hair color is a light blue.

Personality: helpful when needed, though usually silent, this ageless person speaks only when he decides it necessary. he likes his hair color, and it is the same color in every form he takes on. capable of speaking any language, he can act as an interpreter, and often does so. uses his shapeshifting only for useful purposes, and remains in a human form normally, as he believes that if he is of an overly large size, he will only hamper the advance of his friends against the humans. untrustful, and an enigma, his respect and loyalty are difficult to earn, but when you've gained it, you are rewarded with a friend who will do his best to protect you. Kieladron was one human, or so says people who have known him over the centuries.

Abilities: shape shifting, any abilities that come with his form, interpreting any human language, and almost any language of creatures from Lore. incapable of dying from natural causes

Other: is a shapeshifter, and has an odd ability to read a person from a quick glance. (this is the guy i will use for foreshadowing of certain events)


:( means your guy would kill the shit out of mine :P at least I can shadow-travel :)


actually he's not very good in battle, yeah sure he can copy allies or enemies exactly, but... well, he's not exactly practiced in that form or anythin.


January 29, 2008, 06:46:15 am #16 Last Edit: January 29, 2008, 05:28:04 pm by Susys
Name: Sally
Gender: girl
Age: 16
Race: Blood Elf
Description: (do after school)
Personality: (do after school)
Arcane magic - takes energy from the enemy.
Fire shot - Fires an arrow with fire powers.
Arcane shot - Fires an arrow with arcane powers.
Ice shot - Fires an arrow with Ice powers.
earthly shot - Fires an arrow with Earthly powers.
steady shot - Steadys the bow with exelence, massive damage to enemy.
toxic shot - Fires an arrow with toxic powers, may cause posion affects on the enemy.
tame beast. - tames a beast to become the users pet.

Class: archer/ hunter


i'll decide to let you in after you finish./


January 29, 2008, 05:19:33 pm #18 Last Edit: January 29, 2008, 05:34:35 pm by Calintz16438
Oh this is good!! >> If you wrote a book Ultaflame...>> I would read it!!  ;D

Name: Sarcanogist
Gender: N/A
Age: 1642 years
Race: Karluppa
Karluppas are savage creatures that lead their lives in packs. They hunt down the weak and have no clue what the term "surrender" means. They kill for sport and bathe in blood. They are herbivores which makes their lust for blood a wonder. Upon defeat, they give signal of, to call upon renforcements to ensure that whatever has managed to kill them does not survive for much longer... >>pending<<
Sarcanogist's personality is nothing short of lonely. He lives alone rather than in packs, and he likes it this way. He is more peaceful than most Karluppas, and is hesitant to kill. Violence lacks his nature and he loves nature. Sarcanogist likes to invent new things, and built his own home. >>pending<<
Magik >> Poison Breath, and Mind Tormentor...
Skillz >> Bloody Barrage...Skull Crusher...Disenlodge...Tailswipe...Solid Blade
Karluppas are a form of lizard. Their tales contain blades which can be used for many things. In Sarcanogist's case, it serves as a tool for his many hobbies. HE uses his tail to cut and shape wood for building projects, while most Karluppa use their tales to end the life of their enemies. Karluppan warriors are heavily armored and don'n know when to back down. Sarcanogist wears thin clothing and runs from battle. Karluppa have one gender and lay eggs to repopulate. Kinda like a Namek from DBZ.


cool. although what you put in Description would go in Other and Vice Versa, but whatever, ACCEPTED!

if i like Sally's finished character, we only need one more before we can go murderfy all huma- I mean.. ahem *clearing throat* save the dragons from the humans.