The Hunger Games

Started by flrodude, April 29, 2011, 05:38:25 pm

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Many of you may have read the Hunger Games books.  If you haven't, here's a quick summary.  Basically, the world became corrupt, there was a big war, and the aftermath is 13 Districts.  At the center of them all is "the capitol."  The capitol is a wealthy society. The other districts are basically made to provide for the capitol.  (Mining communities, farming, Etc.)  (The capitol does not count as one of the 13)  Anyway, the 13 communities revolted.  The Capitol won.  During the war, District 13 was destroyed.  To force the districts to remember for generations to come, the hunger games were created.

Rules of the Hunger games:  2 teens (1 male, 1 female) are selected from each district to be in the Hunger Games.  (basically you will choose a district and then male or female, first come first serve)  From there, you will each get to choose 2 things from the following list to train in before the Hunger games.  Then, the contestants will be taken to the arena.  From there, you will roleplay with me administrating it all.  Pretty much, last one standing wins.  I will describe the arena and everything when it comes to that, but here's what you need to know for now.

List of districts:

1-Luxary Goods
2.(believed to be mining, but never stated in the books)
6.Medicine and scientific research
9.Food processing
12.Coal Mining
13.Graphite mining

Once in training, you can select 2 to be proficient at, and 1 to be moderate at of the following:

1.   Melee fist fighting
2.   Melee Weapon fighting
3.   Ranged Fighting
4.   Fishing
5.   Plant Medicine
6.   Hunting and gathering
7.   Speed
8.   Strength
Player application Format:
Player name:
Player Gender:
2 proficient Training skills:
1 moderate training skill:

The rest will be explained once the games begin