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Started by Moosefish, May 08, 2011, 09:17:06 am

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 For a game i made ages ago, there was an alignment based beginning... Basically the character in the middle of these is how you started, as you progressed through the beginning of the game evil actions changed your battler to the left, and good actions changed it to the right. It was an attempt at making the character look like it was "naturally growing" into a good or bad person depending on your decisions in the game (like Fable). At the end of these decisions, your character either joined the enemy army or the good army (which is where the battlers with weapons comes in) and the game begins properly with either an evil storyline or a good one.
I'm pretty sure I could have explained that in about two sentances :P but you guys can enjoy my essay!

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Anyway! the game was pretty crap, so if anyone can find a use for these and make something better with them, be my guest!  :haha:
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