Chocobo/Horse Riding (More Choc than Horse ;-))

Started by Griver03, May 24, 2011, 11:11:53 am

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May 24, 2011, 11:11:53 am Last Edit: April 10, 2012, 07:07:49 pm by Griver03
Chocobo System
Version: V 1.0
Type: Only a riding system yet^^


ok here it is ^^
with this system you can ride anything you want !
if its a chocobo or a horse or a wtf else like a stone if ya want to ^^


  • ride anything you want, just use a other charset
  • license system for riding
  • comming soon: be the owner of a choc
  • comming soon: rent a choc
  • comming soon: Feed your choc
  • comming soon: to bring up a choc, with different colors
  • and many more ^^


not necessary :P



How it works:
its easy just look in the common events and the events on the map !

Credits and Thanks

  • the original is by an unknown rm2k developer from germany, i found it 2001 at
  • but they dont have any scripts there since they changed the site... (i search for the original author and post his name "when" i found it !)
  • besides that credits go to another unknown person who made the nice chocobo chars !
  • if someone knows the original authors pm me, and i chnage it ^^

Author's Notes

this system is a chaos-project exclusive release !
its forbidden to post/upload it to other sites/boards without my permission !
if you use this system use my name in the credits.
sry for my bad english and have fun with it

Griver03 alias BuddySievers
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ok i finished color system and bringing up a choc system 99%
and the rent/own system is also 99% rdy
only the feeding system is left for V2.0
i plan to release V2.0 next monday

for V3.0 ive some ideas for your own stables (i hope its the right word^^)
a racing system where you can self ride a your choc or bet on one.
and the colors should have some abilitys like in normal ff titles.

if you had more ideas pls say so and i look if i can add them too !

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I'm just wondering if it was okay if you uploaded the event without the game (by code or image or whatever other way you want) I don't have RPG Maker XP but I figured if I saw the event I could probably convert it to VX incase I ever need it. THe evnt would be a lot simpiler to usde then FireFenix's Script :S
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Boba Fett Link

Hey, when I download the demo, I can't open it in RPG Maker XP. It says it is an 'unexpected file type' or something like that.
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April 10, 2012, 05:44:31 am #5 Last Edit: April 10, 2012, 06:49:21 pm by Griver03
oh sorry i forget about this too...
big sry :shy:
i will reupload it next days !
and yes use any part of it port it into vx and such systems if you want to but give credit to the original...

EDIT: I will really make some of the planned functions in the next time, but i cant say acually when i have the time so pls be patient !
(i know i released it for a long long time and promissed that i do it, so big sry for that !) :^_^':
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