I want a good RP :0

Started by Taboo, June 06, 2011, 11:59:48 am

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So it looks like I'll have to make it.

In the land of Ostia, airships fill the sky. Merchant sloops, war galleons, and personal skiffs. They draw their power from steam engines. Magic exists, but in the form of magickrystal. Mages are able to use the power in the stones to power their powerful arts. The land of Ostia is currently making unstable peace treaties with the neighboring country of Zander after a century of war. However, Zander is using the temporary peace to assemble their forces in hopes of destroying Ostia in one fell swoop. Ostia spies have discovered this and the king of Ostia has decided to assemble a strike force to perform raids on the the Zander people. You are part of this strike force. It is up to you to save your people.

Name: self-explanatory
Personality: what do you act like
Appearance: What your physical features are.
Clothing: Think pirate-like, but armor is still used.
Weapons: Lances, swords, sabers, rapiers, revolvers, rifles, etc.
Occupation: Sailor, soldier, engineer, mage
Background: Tell us a little about your past

Please limit the group to two mages, as they are quite powerful.