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Started by Zexion, January 03, 2012, 04:59:49 am

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I'm trying to event a small 'save point' as in kingdom hearts. When the player touches the save point, it automatically changes its look, and heals the player. While on a different look if the player presses the action button, (enter/space), it opens up a menu asking to save or exit to the world map.When the player steps off the save point, (or stops touching it in rmxp language), it goes back to its original look.

I'm having a problem making it go back to its original look. I don't know exactly how to check if the player is still standing on the event. I need help to find some way to check if the player has stopped touching the event.

Any ideas?


There is probably an easier way to do this, but you could make 1 event on each side of the save point,
which turn off a switch on touch ;)


Or do the "I think this is the most obvious way to do it" solution, which would be making a parallel process that checks the save point and the player's X- and Y-coordinates. If they match up, Switch is on. Otherwise, Switch off.

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The way i would do this is place the save point and put it to "Players Touch". When the player touches(stands on) the event it switches to another switch that is set to be activated when you press it. (This is what you've done)

THEN i would add events ALL AROUND the savepoint that when you touch them it turns the switch off again and WOALA!
Works like a charm and it's suprisingly easy ;)

You can even make them give the save point an ending animation when stepped on but then you gotta put a switch in those events around the savepoint as well taht turns on/off the events around the savepoint.
When stepped on the savepoint, switch ON the switch that activates the events around the save point and then turn OFF the switch that switches the savepoint animation when you step on the events around the savepoint.

A switch is only necessary in the outside events if you want an ending animation to the savepoint as you step out of it.
I think you know how that works :)


well thanks for the help but due to the fact that it is pretty annoying to do that every time, I just decided to leave the same animation under the player while they are standing on it. Thanks for the ideas though! I need this on one map for every world so any other way would just be..way..too..annoying lol.