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[BABS] Exploding Objects
« on: December 10, 2012, 12:21:31 AM »
Blizz-ABS: Exploding Objects
Author: KK20


Don’t you know how in some games there are boxes (usually loaded with TNT or explosives of the like) that explode when damaged? Well how about using that feature in Blizz-ABS? Perhaps this can make some interesting games where, instead of using all your resources to take down a group of monsters, you only have to destroy this object to take them all out.

Step-By-Step Instructions

1.) Create a new skill in the RMXP project. Make this skill have the scope to attack ‘All Enemies’. Also, adjust its damage and make its SP cost 0. Be sure that this skill does do damage. If, after defenses are calculated, the damage is 0 for all surrounding targets, the explosion animation will not play.

Open up the Blizz-ABS configuration and go to the Skills tab. Make it so that this new skill is a ‘Direct/Shockwave’ and define its range. Leave everything else alone.

2.) We must create a group to represent these exploding objects. Within the Blizz-ABS configuration application, go to Alignment Groups. Change the maximum to add a new group (go ahead and name it if you would like). Check the box to make it ‘Lifeless’. Then, put ‘Actors’ and ‘Enemies’ as its enemies. Doing this will cause the explosion to damage these groups only. Thus, if you want to make a chain-reaction of explosions, make this group see itself as an enemy.

When you are done with that, be sure to edit the ‘Actors’ and ‘Enemies’ groups to see this new object as ‘Fully Neutral’. That way, your allies and enemies won’t focus on attacking these exploding objects.
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3.) Copy this script and add it below the Blizz-ABS scripts:
(click to show/hide)

4.) Create a dummy-enemy in your database. This enemy gives no EXP and items. Define its stats accordingly (i.e. give it low evasion and agility and high attack).

When creating this enemy on the map, give it a Name
Code: [Select]
\e[id1] \g[id2]where id1 is the ID of your dummy-enemy in the database and id2 is the ID of the new group we created. Set its graphic to your exploding box.

For the Event Commands, use a ‘Script’ call and put in the following:
Code: [Select]
e = $[@SELF]
e.use_skill(ID, true, true)
replacing ID with the exploding skill’s ID in the database.
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And that’s all there is to it! Have fun~
Special thanks to Sin86 for requesting and suggesting I put this up.

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