[RPGXP] Controllable Enemy Wave Rush.

Started by R.A.V.S.O, October 18, 2013, 11:28:09 am

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Controllable Enemy Wave Rush
Version: 1.0
Type: Combat Add-On


Ok so maybe you got to try one of those RPG's where there's the big bad, he's pissed at you, but rather than
go out and kill you himself instead (much to your surprise) he sends wave after waves of disposable enemy soldiers against your party, and as you go on killing them, more and more show up making it rather clear
it's your party against an ARMY of enemies.

well ladies and gents.... allow me to present a scriptless way to pull off a 4 vs X amount of enemies per battle tutorial XD.

Basically what it does is that when you kill off an enemy, another enemy (can be the same or a different one, this is totally customizable) comes at full HP and replaces it, the dead enemy's turn is also carried over to the newcomer, making this a VERY good enemy endurance clash.

I have included all the instructions in the image, but if you have any issues or questions feel free to PM/comment about it,

to VX users, although this is clearly made on XP, it is also capable of being replicated on VX/VXA to my knowledge by tweaking a bit of the branches, it needs testing in VX but in XP it works pretty great.

NOTE: On the pictures I'm displaying, it clearly shows I'm using a custom battle system, but afaik this event works OK on a default battle system.


  • Allows the player's party to fight a wave of enemies that respawns when KO'ed
  • Enemy waves are customizable
  • Number of enemy waves are also customizable
  • No scripts used, it's all evented (but it does require customization to be properly used)


Well the thing is... I've had this for quite some time, and before uploading it in text form I had this picture of
the tutorial itself... however it does include the proper use of it
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Well this battle event is self-explanatory (and the image does help drive my point) but if required, I'll take my time to make and upload one


The whole event goes under the "Troops" tab in XP, basically you'll need 1 tab for every enemy on-screen
*sigh* I was never that good at explaining but here's as nutshelled as I can explain it
(also, my apologies for not using the code tabs, still a newbie in forum edits)
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Ok, let's imagine you have 1 enemy in the battle.... let's call him... TIM.

first thing you need to do is have 2 free variables called TIM-Transform (or whatever you want)
the thing is, this variable is in charge of transforming TIM into someone else when he dies.
and one called ENEMIES DOWN (or whatever) to keep track of your kills.

in your battle you need to have 1 event that is ALWAYS on [Don't run] and span [Battle]
have this event set TIM-Transform (your variable) into 0, the starting position, also set ENEMIES DOWN to 0,
(this means you haven't killed any enemies yet, and it will start counting from 0)

the next thing you want to do is create a new event tab inside your battle with the following conditions:
enemy [TIM's HP is 0] span [Moment]
(this means this event will always activate when Tim dies)

inside the event, first you have to make a conditional branch, the conditional branch is

ENEMIES DOWN == (X) (where X is the kills you need to win the fight)

then place
-wait 20 seconds
-abort battle
then go to the ELSE part of the event

in here:
you write all the comands I placed in the pic

wait 15 frames
enemy recover all [TIM]
conditional branch [TIM] is appeared
(meaning as long as TIM still exists)
Enemy transform [TIM],[X]
(where X is the new enemy you want to summon)
show battle animation [X] so your transformation looks cool)
control variables [TIM-Transform] =+ 1
control variables [ENEMIES DOWN] =+1

Basically what this event does is that when Tim is KO'ed he'll revive as a different enemy, while your counter of kills is increased by 1.

however next time that TIM dies since his TIM-Transformed variable is set to 1 instead of 0, he'll do another set of commands....
basically everytime TIM-Transform changes +1 it means TIM turned into something else, with some practice you can make TIM transform into other versions of monster or even TIM again.

Credits and Thanks

  • Well... Me XD
  • feel free to use this as seen fit :)

Author's Notes

just as a reminder, this is still just v1.0 although it works ok for me, some might encounter collisions etc... feel free to PM me with the details,
also feel free to edit the whole event system if you found a more efficient way to pull this off XD
have fun everyone ;)
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I don't see how it could when this is eventing in the Troops database.

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Omg, I totally thought this was a script when I was on my phone haha.  :facepalm:
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Quote from: Zexion on October 18, 2013, 02:27:20 pm
Would this work with babs?

afraid not my friend XD this works afaik on the default battle system and any others that still keep the frontview aspect
and keeps the use of tabs on it.
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