A begginers book for rmxp

Started by Dragonmanb, July 21, 2008, 10:40:13 am

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I made this a year ago while i had free time in college. It is picture based. Great for begginers.


Ps. Going to make a second one an one who wants to have there tutirals you can pm. or email me at dragonmanb@gmail.com
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Holy beeswax of Southern Georgia! O.O 254 Pages of compiled items...that is crazily convenient. I wonder if I should write some sort of document...Though it'd be hard to beat this one or Lore's...Maybe I'll try Stepmania. 12 MB of Word Documents converted to .PDF is not a friendly thing...it's a monstrous monster of truth.

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'beg-giners' Hmmmmmmmm....

This looks like it was made for me xD

Gosh maybe I'll actually learn how to do some useful!!!!



:bow: You are awesome for making such a great book like this. While some parts were already well known to me several of the mapping techniques and whatnot had just completely zipped past my head before this. Now I can really get started in fixing up some more of my maps and making them look really good. Thank you for writing this!  :up: :bow:


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