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Started by whitespirits, January 22, 2014, 07:08:31 pm

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Hi guys, So im making a DBZ rmxos game and its going really well! Im not looking to make character power up an transform, I have done this using conditional attached to a skill to change sprite, problem is I want it to run out! i dont wan a character to transform gain power and keep it, i was thinking is there away to put a timer on and also drain SP at the same time? any help much apprichated!


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Common Event running in Parallel Process. It's not that hard.

Set a variable (called Timer or something) to the value equivalent to 20 * SECONDS. Activate switch to run parallel process. Subtract Timer variable by one. Reduce player's SP by some amount. Have a conditional branch check to see if the timer or the player's SP is less than or equal to 0. If so, turn switch off.

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thanks for the help KK i really appreciate it :) i will look into it