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Started by FJS, September 30, 2014, 01:16:16 am

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Hey folks,

               I Hope All Goes Well, I've been working on a game using RPG Maker XP. And have a few questions, i hope this isn't the right spot for this type of thread. If not i'm sorry. My first question is Graphics. I have seen tons of games that have some pretty good graphics, instead of the stale standard RPG XP Graphics. How? Does this require anything other then downloading something? If so, what? I've tried to use google to answer many of my questions but could not seem to find much. My next question is tools, Are there any vital tools i'll need to make a good game, any programs or anything?
And the last question, Scripting. Is RPG XP Mainly just ruby? Or would i have to learn a different language aswell? I would like to learn how to script my own stuff. So what language do i need for RPG Maker XP. and are there any tutorials out there to help me learn it? Or if you guys have any advice, would be great.
Again, i hope this isn't the wrong spot for this thread, And i appreciate you taking the time to read this.

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Good art comes from good artists obviously. Typical programs used are Paint.NET, GIMP, and Photoshop. Windows Paint is not recommended for professional-level games, but still works if you want to go for a pixelated style. That's basically all there is to it.

Scripting uses Ruby v.1.8.1 with the RGSS library. You don't need to know any other languages to script; however, making DLLs and custom .exe files requires knowledge with C-languages.
There are plenty of tutorials lying around the web. Let Google (or any decent search provider) be your guide. If you need help with anything specific, post in the Script Troubleshooting board. If you already have a basic programming background, picking up Ruby should be easy. Read a guide, look at some people's scripts and insert them into a test project, see what it does and how it does it, make small edits to the script (moving text around, change a number, etc.), and then add a new feature to it (draw another window for example). That's how I learned quickly without having to ask for much, if any, help at all. It will be trial and error for a while--took me a year before I was confident to start assisting people with scripts (and even after that I was picking up new things to add to my repertoire).

Welcome, and hope you enjoy your time here! :)

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I appreciate the reply KK20, And will start teaching myself some scripting using ruby.
As far as programs like Paint.NET and gimp go. I have GIMP. no clue how to use it though, will have to look into that one. Paint.NET i'll check out.
But are these the programs that people use for RPG Maker XP Game graphics? Kind of like this game (Don't mind the narrator lol)


I have tried to find graphic packs online but can only find the dull ones on the RPG maker website.


If what you're looking for is resources, I'd suggest you try this one torrent called "Pandora's Box" for RPGXP

be warned though it's quite heavy, (around 4 gb) but when it comes to resources, it's got

-lots of tilesets.
-lots of character sheets.
-some bgm and ripped music to use.
-pre-edited to fit into RPGXP animations from some games

etc... the list goes on

now moving on, yes it's true when you first open RPG-XP the resources available seem rather dull, but thanfully XP comes with the neat function to add your own,
if you check your menu in XP, there's a button next to the Database called "Materials" inside that tab everything is divided into folders each with different sections for
different resource materias, (such as battlers, field character sprites, battle animations, etc...)

basically inside of the Materials section you can import ANY image you want (I suggest you keep it as .png) into the corresponding folder, to make such resource
available for you to play with in RPGXP.

once you have all the resources uploaded on the materials section, you can head over to the database, locate your new content and modify/play with it until you
find what suits you best.

that's about it really,
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RPG Maker XP is able to almost any regular image file in the game, such as a .png and a .jpeg, so you can use any software that you'd like to make images that are compatible with it. It's more a question of your artistic ability; I'm sure you'll be able to make some great sprites with practice. :)

There are pretty much two categories of images used in RMXP games: "sprite" type images, which are usually pretty small and used on the "map" part of the game, and "image" images, which are much larger and used in battles. (Those aren't their official names, of course, but I think it's the easiest way to get the point across. Haha.) They're made using pretty different art styles, so you might want to look into starting with just one. Making sprites might be a good place to start, since it is less strictly "artistic."

You can find a few great tutorials on how to get started with spriting here:

I hope that helps! :)



Is it possible to use the high fantasy resource pack, For VX Ace. into XP? Or would the size of the sprites and such be an issue?


the size WOULD be an issue, tiles have a different length from XP to VX, artistically speaking they look more.... square-ish (even more considering XP's tiles)

as for character sheets.... XP uses 4 x 4 sheets per character, VX/VXA uses 3 x 4, you CAN use VXA's characters if you manually added an extra row of sprites
to make it 4 x 4, but once again artistically, most VXA sprites look like kids (in size) compared to XP's

in the end it IS possible to use some resources, but before you did you'd have to edit them so they would fit into XP's tilesets without
bumping into errors.
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You can also add a $ to the name of the file to use XP sprites in VX / A without editing out the extra column.
Bob.png - XP (4 X 4)
$Bob.png - VX/A (4 X 4)
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