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[XP] Locking Pictures
« on: February 10, 2015, 02:42:24 AM »
Locking Pictures
Authors: KK20
Version: 1.0
Type: Picture Add-on
Key Term: Environment Add-on


When using the 'Show Picture' event command, pictures are always displayed as if stuck to the screen. No matter how much the player moves around, they can never escape the clutches of the picture.

With this script, you can "lock" pictures into place. As the screen moves, the picture will move along with it, eventually sliding off-screen.


  • Lock pictures into place! They won’t follow you around anymore.
  • Need them unlocked again? No problem.
  • Plug-n-play; very easy to use


(click to show/hide)




(click to show/hide)


In script.
Commands are
Code: [Select]


Should be none at all. There are very few scripts that modify Game_Picture, so you should be good to go. If you by chance do have a script that makes changes to Game_Pictures, place this script below it.

Credits and Thanks

  • KK20 – for the script

Author's Notes

Remember to unlock your pictures, especially if reusing an ID on the same map.

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