Two quick questions about mapping/events.

Started by fjshrr5, April 26, 2015, 06:34:32 pm

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Hey folks, I've been gone awhile and have just started back up on my project, Two questions have risen.

Question 1, Is it possible to do parralex mapping with ? (Any guides, or how twos?)

Question 2,  have a space ship sprite (decent sized!) If I were to map a outspace view, would it be possible to make an evented cutscene, where the ship is flying through space?


I'm not sure about question 1, by I can at least tell you that yes, it's certainly possible to event a cutscene.
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Pretty sure you could do parallel mapping with just Paint alone. Granted it will be extraordinarily hard, but completely possible. Just use any art program that supports layers (such as Paint.NET and GIMP).

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Awesome! thank you both for the information, I really appreciate it :)