The Goddess Tourney [FINISHED]

Started by Gmanjudo, July 01, 2015, 11:58:16 pm

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The game is fairly short so it won't take long to test it out, please. I created it to be given out on flash-drives as a wedding favor. It is now dedicated to "The Ancient Goddess" who sadly passed during the development. Please give it a whirl and see if anything breaks on you, or provide constructive criticism please!

Game Synopsis:
A self aware game, filled to the brim with clich├ęs. A story that is intentionally simmering between gag worthy and beautiful of someone waking up, and their partner being gone.

Sydney, a young girl, has been pulled into her true Angel body in the Goddess World to rule a magical kingdom and compete against other Angels in the Goddess Tourney. The Goddess Tourney is a proving ground where Angels show off their skills, and the winner is crowned Goddess of the entire World.

When Sydney is pulled in she does not expect it, so she is completely out of sorts and immediately unleashes a massive amount of magic! It is shown that Sydney is actually pretty dang powerful for a brand new Angel, and goes to work trying to help her new kingdom flourish. Not all is bright and perfect in the Goddess World because monsters have started becoming very active and actually encroaching onto Sydney's land!

She is handling it the best she can, but learns she can pull other people into the World to help her during the Tourney. She uses this to her advantage and pulls David, her partner from the other side, into the World to help. David is also pretty dang powerful, and right off of the bat has some strong Magic. Together Sydney and David must rule their magical kingdom as well as try to grow stronger as quickly as possible to perform better in the Goddess Tourney.

As they travel through this new Goddess World they will need all the help they can get because the monster situation is turning out to be way worse than they thought... Pull your friends into the Goddess world, battle anything from a minotaur to slimes as you cruise around the kingdom trying to be the best Angel and mage you can be! It won't be easy as when Sydney and David first arrive, the Armory for Sydney's kingdom is already under the control of monsters.

There is a lot to do in the Goddess world. So far there is... Story mode, fun mode, legit mode, fog of war, caterpillar party system, lots of characters, mazes, a world map, and more to discover!

Game Characters:
David - A "Burner" mage with strong fire magic.

Sydney - A powerful Angel with her own kingdom.

Brandon - A brute force using warrior.

Conor - An "Aqueduct" mage with strong water magic.

Ben - A strong and honorable warrior with weak magic.

Tobimaru - A trickster that knows secrets and is wiser than he appears.

Ancient Goddess - The greatest leader of the Goddess World.

Caelan - A "Hipster" with strange powders and magic.

Game Setting:
A lighthearted land that has been showing some signs of souring! It is up to you to keep that from happening. There is split section in the land you all know, but it is quickly transferred to the Goddess World. It is a place of magic and wonder.Self-aware RPG. There will be RPG tropes, and they will be remarked on by the characters.

-Comedy, fantasy, dungeon crawl, maze, mystery

Game Screenshots: (Finished game looks slightly different)

Game Critiques:
The people I have shown have reacted positively.  Any detailed analysis, or constructive criticism is pending reviews from you fine folks!


The download link just re-directs me to FileDropper's main page.


mmm it's the same everywhere else this game is posted. Moved to New Projects until link is fixed.

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Quote from: MindOnFire on July 18, 2015, 03:00:51 pm
The download link just re-directs me to FileDropper's main page.

Sorry about that! Had to attend a funeral and of course during my time away the link went down somehow! I have updated the post and the link!