Not exactly requesting a new script but rather a script call

Started by Sin86, December 21, 2017, 07:30:16 pm

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Actually, this might require a new script to be requested but I'm not so sure as I think this can be done using vanilla assets. Anyway, I was wondering if there is a script call that can be done to change the player, or player's weapon ATK.


"Change the player" as in "I want Basil to be the party leader, not Aluxes"? That can be evented.

Changing the ATK stat is a different beast. Default RMXP just sets this value as to whatever your equipped weapon is plus any states that in/decrease the stat. It's not like STR, DEX, INT, or AGL where it increases with level. Nor does it have a method to modify the value like the aforementioned.

But we can make it function similarly:

class Game_Battler
  alias add_attack_stat initialize
  def initialize
    @atk_plus = 0
  def atk=(a)
    @atk_plus = a - self.atk + @atk_plus
    @atk_plus = [[@atk_plus, -999].max, 999].min
  def atk
    n = base_atk + @atk_plus
    for i in @states
      n *= $data_states[i].atk_rate / 100.0
    return Integer(n)

So now if you do
$game_actors[1].atk += 5

it should raise Aluxes' ATK stat by 5 permanently.

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