$game_player.through = true isnt working.

Started by RoseSkye, February 23, 2018, 04:03:06 pm

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I'd like to make it so I can call another event's/ player passable with  any event's move route. The Game_Character section itself says it's $game_player.through = true, but it isn't. Can someone help out?


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@Blizz: That only applies to script calls where you are assigning a variable to false

The real problem at hand here is that Game_Character's through attribute is only set as a reader.
attr_reader   :through

"Reader" meaning you can only "read" what the value is; you cannot change, or "write", it outside of the class.

If you change that to
attr_accessor   :through

I think you'll be fine. An "accessor" allows you to read and write the attribute.

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This is twice you've saved me, KK20... also, I've learned something new.


Another way to do it, if youre not interested in using the Interpreter command_355 fix, is to actually write out a method for it.

class Game_Character
  def through=(arg)
    @through = arg
    return true

Trouble is this only corrects $game_player.through = false or $game_map.event[id].through = false

The problem will still exist if other properties are changed to false by a script call.
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