[RMMV] Problem with language on mobile

Started by Ally, April 19, 2018, 02:15:59 pm

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Hei everyone,
i have a one problem with this plugin:

The plugin work perfectly, but there's two thing...
1) The Plugin Command: [SetTranslation LANGUAGE]
In order to force a traslation
Doesn't work 😞
2) Building an .APK on the options menĂ¹ there's no language selection!

So force translation plugin command is the only way to create custom flags or whatever to change language...

PS: On desktop versions, i have 3 language instead 2 (Italian/English) on menu options i have: Italian English English.
English is repeated twice.


Did you contact the author? I feel they would be more helpful than any of us (largely because everyone that's still active here doesn't do MV script support).

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Yes, I tried to contact him for a long time (almost a month), but seems to have disappeared and no longer responds to anyone.
I'm sorry if I broke some of the regulation by creating this topic, but maybe I can find someone to help me solve the problem (I distributed the project in my region for a very big event, but now I'm having serious difficulties with this plugin) .