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Started by Mightylink, October 13, 2008, 06:13:08 am

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October 13, 2008, 06:13:08 am Last Edit: April 30, 2009, 12:03:31 am by Mightylink
I had these before, then lost them, then went through hell and back to find them again... foreign languages are not fun v_v

These are my favorite alternative battlers, the most realistic and complete set from a Japanese site, I'd like to share them since they are so hard to find, most of the Japanese sites have cartoony battlers, these are the best ones I know of.

They are here:

A few Examples:

They come with icons, face plates, some with character sheets, and huge picture versions for other uses like website design.


Naramura's style is realistic, yet its overused. Plus, the site is popular almost everyone knows about it. Just a heads up. ^_^


i googled so much for those and all it showed me was rmxp links that didnt even work, rmxp really sucks for resources, i ended up googling the file names instead and finally after 30 pages of image results, and a lot of porn i didnt want to see, i found them...

did not know they where overused, seemed pretty hard to get for me


Oh yes, Naramura is a great source. It's so great in fact, the link for the site's been posted already in the Resource Link Thread in this forum. :P

It actually isn't hard to find now that other RMXP communities have located and blabbed all about it on the Internet. Naramura and Ruruga's RMXP battlers have been used the most as RTP alternatives.

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ahhh these forums XD i underlooked the awesomeness of project chaos, oh well im sorry to cause trouble then


I use the battlers in my game, but I recolored them.
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