Dark Horizon (Chapters 1-2 - Out Now)

Started by sithlord999, October 24, 2008, 11:51:09 pm

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Project logo by Hanzo Kimura

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  For centuries, the world of Sios was ruled under a peaceful republic. There was barely any violence at all and the fear of war never would
cross a person's mind. That is, until the day Umbra appeared.

     Umbra is an invisible, mysterious, demonic organization who uses dark magic to plauge the people of the world. They use threats on innocent lives
and destruction upon cities in order to make the Republic obey them. The order that held the world together is now a hostage of
what people say is "Satan himself".

     Soon after Umbra stormed into the world, the Chancellor of the Republic pushed to create a resistance group known as the Ghost Corps. Led
by Republic Military Leader Josh Marks, it's purpose was to uncover Umbra's secrets, reveal their identities, and bring them to justice. Umbra,
however, caught on to this resistance's creation early on and demanded it's immediant disbanment. The Chancellor had no choice but to
comply. Josh, however, was not about to let his rebellion fall apart. He continued leading the Ghost Corps on his own and kept it's headquarters
a secret even from the Chancellor. The Ghost Corps are now the only organized group against Umbra.

     There are many who support Umbra. Some keep it to themselves and some would go as far as to die for Umbra's cause. These people are
known as Watchers.
     Since coming into contact with Umbra is virtualy impossible for the Ghost Corps, the Watchers are their main enemy.

     There are others out trying to stop Umbra as well. They, however, fight by themselves. These loners are known as Veles. Veles usually don't
get along with each other and are constantly killing one another. To Veles, this whole thing is a race, with Umbra at the finishline.

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<<Coming Soon>>

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NOTICE: Replay chapter one. Lots of changes have been done.
WARNING: Opening Animated intro (done by Monkeydlu) will lag if you have a lot of programs running. Please close everything unecessary before playing. Full screen mode is recommended (Alt+Enter)
Required Font
Filesize: 74.59MB*
Chapter(s): 1-2
Estimated Game Time: 40-50 Minutes
Bug Status: Bug Free (Report any you might find)

*Working on trying to get it smaller. I swear it's not the BGM folder. XD That's only 18MB.

CREDITS LIST COMING SOON! Still tracking down some information. I'll have it up soon. :)

Chapter 1: Identity
Chapter progress: 100%

Chapter 2: Entrance
Chapter progress: 99%

Chapter 3: Takeover
Chapter progress: 25%



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It stops working sometimes for some reason.  :P It worked a second ago when I tried though.


Wow! Looks great! Ill get around to playing this soon.  :haha:
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wow, I'd love to try this thing out.. thought the download link seems to not work..


Look incredible - I really love how well done the graphics are, unlike many other RMXP projects I've seen, and the art style is all consistent. Obviously, a lot of time has been put into this game. I'm definitely going to give it a try.


any chance for download link? pls?
I'd love to try this game...

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You may want to try the spoiler at the bottom of his post under the heading DOWNLOAD


Quote from: legacyblade on July 28, 2009, 05:23:51 pm
You may want to try the spoiler at the bottom of his post under the heading DOWNLOAD

it works not....     (T_T)<--(for me i guess)
i get joggye or joggle or something like that....

PS: pls, if am to dumb tu use a spolier and a link , relight me

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