Started by Vell, January 19, 2009, 07:05:35 pm

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Figment is a project me and a friend of mine have been working on. We've not made a heck of a lot of headway. We've got some good ideas. awesome ones. But we decided to start the community, and open up Figment to other ideas. so im advertising here. BTW over there I am Vell. Its an InvisionFree forum, and we've yet to customize it with anything, so visually its quite boring.

Figment hopes to create a fantasy world where people can see how everything works. also there's a community section of the forum we're hopign will become bustling. eventually we'll open up a Forum RP where people can play around as a character from the world of Figment.


um. did I miss anything?


Quote from: UltaFlame on January 19, 2009, 07:05:35 pm
um. did I miss anything?
Yeah...the link to the forum. :P

Unless it's private or something that no one wants to check out.

But still. You missed the link. :P

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