Converting Ring Menu into 1-Scene CMS

Started by Landith, February 05, 2009, 11:22:51 pm

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February 05, 2009, 11:22:51 pm Last Edit: February 08, 2009, 12:12:53 am by Landith
Okay, I am converting the ring menu into a 1 scene CMS. Without save though, I'm making it teleport instead... I'll probably make a save one also though.
Here is what I have done or am doing.

  • Item Menu

  • Skill Menu

  • Equip Menu

  • Status Menu

  • Teleport Menu

  • End Menu

It is still buggy, like when you go into the menu first and try to open teleport without going into item it will open the item menu instead...  :<_<:
So once I get these bugs worked out I'll post a demo.

Here are some screenshots of what I have so far.
Spoiler: ShowHide

The end menu is nothing special, it just says Title screen, End Game, and Cancel. Not even worth showing.

Here is the Script:
Spoiler: ShowHide
Taken down the script untill finished

The credits go to Dubleax, XRXS, Shdwlink1993, Reno-s--Joker, Maki, Aqua, and Me.


I like the items! :D

Hmmm... I suggest at least giving a semi-transparent background to those windowskins.
Sometimes, those transparents might be on a very light map which would make it VERY hard to see. @.@

Um... from what I remember at looking at your edits... I think the problem about the teleport function is...that you call the item scene and not the teleport scene... lol
*not sure*


Wow, this looks awesome! :D I'm so happy you used some of my script! YAAAAAY!!! <33333

I agree with Aqua on the windowskins - I really like fully transparent ones too but busy maps can really fail. D: Although the ones in the screenshots really do look neat. :P
A skill menu like the items one (with icons) would pwn. Equip might be a little more difficult to keep small, so maybe a window like the status one would work well with a Metroid Prime 3 inventory thing (where it points to the parts of Samus' body, if I remember correctly). :D

But so far this is looking really awesome. I think I might want to use it too. :)
Good luck with finishing the rest of it! ^-^


Oh... my... gosh... :o

That menu looks SO awesome 8)! Great job, Landith.
Stuff I've made:

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It is very good, but I don't like how it is 100% transparent. Makes it hard to read what it says. Especially on bright maps. It could probably be because of the windowskin you are using thought :P If it is because of the windowskin, please post some screenshots with the normal windowskin too ^^;;


Looking awesome Landith, good luck :)
*powers up*
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February 06, 2009, 05:31:05 pm #6 Last Edit: February 06, 2009, 10:01:45 pm by Landith
Thanks guys :)
I'll post some screenshots with a darker opacity.

Ignore the Grassland Text in the top right corner, it's just Tons of Add-ons, not part of the menu

Added Skill Menu



Yeah, but still buggy so don't use the code... Unless your curious to what it looks like in game...


hey Landith sorry I didn't get back to you last night and i was gone all today, but I found what you need to do.  Insert this line: = false

right after the line
    @item_window =

its around line 770
Yeah, for some reason, that was all it needed for that one glitch...


I feel sooo Stupid now...
Thanks :)

*Three Epic Power Up*
Which I have to wait a while to give it to you  :^_^':


Thanks :)

I can't wait to finish this thing, I need ideas for the Equip menu though...
Maybe I can have just the Equipment showing with the help menu then when you click on one of the equipment it animates a window from the left that shows the available equipment to equip and updates the original equipment window. Is that a good idea or no?
That way it would be as compact as possible


oh, btw, I had another suggestion:

your windows only animate (come down from the top of the screen) once for each menu.  After that, they just appear.  You should fix this by re-setting them to their initial position when the player exits the menu.


I can't say I can think of another way you could do the equip menu. :D
If you're using the inbuilt battle system, maybe have the battler graphic centred with arrows pointing to each component part (weapon, body, etc.)  so that the equip windows can come from both left and right...? :???: It might be nice to have a balance.

This is exciting. ^-^ I'd help you more if I didn't have exams next week.  :blargh:
winkio - I love you for fixing it! <333


@winkio: Yeah, I was going to do that but I forgot too add it. Thanks for reminding me :)

@Reno: That would be hard for me to script, plus it would look weird because all armor would look the same and stuff. So I think it would be easier to do it the compact way.

Thanks for the suggestions guys, if you have any others post it so I can add it.

I'm thinking of not adding the animated save option that way people can use their own save scenes.
I also have to find a way to activate the skill windows for seperate actors before working on the equip windows...


ok, other suggestions:

1.  Since you have the window's animate onto the screen, you should have them animate off the screen as well.
2.  For all the transitions that you do, try making more of a drop down bounce motion instead of just a linear move.
3.  Some of that coding is inefficient/ugly.  Try and optimize it (example: have the animated windows be part of the window's update, not the menu's update.  There is other stuff too)
4.  If you plan on releasing it for public, put some comments in there!  If not, ignore this one.

That's what I have for now...


1) I will deffinetly do this when I finish it
2) Could you explain this in detail? I don't get what you mean by a drop down bounce motion
3) This is my first script(I'm still learning) so I'll take a look at how Blizzard Optimized his code on Stormtronics CMS and follow his example
4) Of course, the code is so messy right now, I'll make it look beautiful after I finish adding in comments and then release it to the public


ok, for 2, this is what it looks like now:
Spoiler: ShowHide

this is how it could improve:
Spoiler: ShowHide

See the difference?  the first one just has constant velocity, but the second has acceleration which makes it that much better.


Could you give me an example of how to increase speed?
Would it be like this?

   if @window.y < 200
        @window.y + 10
   elsif @window.y > 200
        @wndow.y + 20
   elsif @window.y < 400
         @window.y = 400

Or something different?