How to download from Megaupload Directly!!!(Free)

Started by G_G, March 06, 2009, 09:12:51 am

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Get a link thats from megaupload. Then type in the verification code. You'll come to the pagge with the timer. Right click on the page, go to Source. Then press ctrl + F and search this
<div style="position:absolute; left:29px; top:36px; display:none;" id="downloadlink">

Then after it finds it next to that line is this
<a href="" onclick="">

Copy everything thats in teh quotes only. Paste the link into your browser and it'll download :)

Credits go to game_guy for finding this out but its a small thing so credit isnt needed.
Credits also go to KingMonkey for uploading Hangman on Megaupload which led to me testing out my theory.


way to exploit security loopholes :)  This reminds me of the time I hacked the instructors manual off the website of the science textbook I used.  All I had to do was change the url to have it send different information to circumnavigate their login screen XD.


Hey.... I'm assuming this means that you can basically get all the premium access features, right...?


Not faster downloads, or alot of storage place. And not unlimited parallel download. just Direct downloads. :P


just change your ip & cookie. then its unlimited  :ninja:  :evil:


Quote from: SolstICE on March 15, 2009, 01:43:08 pm
just change your ip & cookie. then its unlimited  :ninja:  :evil:
Cookies. Yeah, that works. IP...Eh...that will be harder unless you have special equipment. ;x

I would write more here...Except I have honestly nothing else to comment about. Exploiting is the best thing ever I reckon, and ignorant people are already providing Megaupload the stuff it needs, so there's nothing wrong with a few loose individuals getting away with it. :3

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actually No, its pretty easy to change your ip
its just about knowing how(I don't even have to do that, i got a dynamic ip address)
check this site Hacks to beat rapidshare
try the new ip request, this should work on megaupload(don't forget the cookies!!!)