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Started by SorceressKyrsty, July 06, 2009, 09:32:49 am

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We can never go home. We can never see where we came from ever again; this is our reality, now.
And with that, we made a pledge.
A pledge to let them live as normal a life as possible.
Sometimes, you can't help it when a pledge is broken. Sometimes, there's just nothing you can do.
A Game by:

It was simple. They'd had enough of being chased, enough of blowing up reactors and enough of Omniax. An escape; they sought to escape their crazy lives just for a week.
But you can't escape fate, and you can't run from what makes your reality what it is. Eventually, everything will change.
And now their time is running out...either they find a way to save their identities...or they will cease to exist. The world's depending on them, and they will accomplish their goal; no matter the cost.


Kumo Atsureki
Age: 19
Cosplays: Cloud Strife
Working as both a hired warrior and a newspaper delivery boy is not exactly the employment that Kumo aspired to. He was once a professional basketballer for the Acaridae Basketball Team, however, when and why he quit is unknown. He works to support him and his brother, their father having abandoned them at a young age and their mother having died when Kumo was 14. A bit of a brick with all but the most intense of emotions, he's generally a bit blunt with what he says and doesn't seem to realize who he may be hurting.
When working in his 'night job' Kumo during missions uses a one of a kind gun called the 'Buster Gun'. Capable of burst fire, single shots and plasma balls, this baby is the reason everyone claims Kumo is compensating for something.

Levi Raionomoi
Age: 19
Cosplays: Squall Leonhart
Levi is a very high ranked member of the mercenary organization, Forest, holding the title of Sapling. Miri knows about his job and is generally unhappy about it, but he refuses to listen to her opinions about it. He's creative and intelligent, but he can be a bit cruel, and is generally apathetic. His fathers whereabouts are unknown and his mother died after getting hit by a car after dropping Levi off at creche...while he watched. His mother was riding a bicycle at the time and so has a phobia of two-wheeled vehicles.

Miri Joumaeshin
Age: 19
Cosplays: Tifa Lockheart
A young woman determined to bring Omniax to its knees after a horrible childhood incident at her hometown of Miehlebin. Caring and honest, Miri does what it takes to keep her two best friends from being swallowed up in bloodshed and violence. Not really a fan of blood, though not really squemish, Miri prefers her fists rather than a weapon. She's a skilled martial artist, and she's also got an incredibly good sense of direction.

Kyer Shinyuri
Age: 19
Cosplays: Rinoa Heartilly
Caring but often inconsiderate of other peoples feelings, Kyer speaks her mind without a second thought. Often, it'll be her that drives the stake into an idea or decision being made by the boys, finalizing it or dismissing it completely. Kyer is also a member of Landslide, but her and Miri have never met before. Kyer is in Tokyo for Landslide reasons, as well as hearing rumours that a particular man with a fur-collar is going to be at National Cosplay Week...a man she's been looking for since she met him at her sister's Sapling graduation ball.

Shadz Barentain
Age: 20?
Cosplays: Vincent Valentine
A mysterious man who seems to know more than he lets on. Stoic and reserved, he generally lets his gun do the talking. He is accompaning Kyer to Japan for 'personal reasons' and seems to be looking for a particular employee of Omniax. Shadz is very, very intelligent, and the stuff he does let on generally is important. He knows a lot about Omniax's plans, and how they involve both Kumo and Levi...perhaps he used to work for them at some point?

Lulu Shinyuri
Age: 18
Cosplays: Selphie Tilmitt
Bright and bouncy, Lulu's non-stop talking and squealing has burst more than one ear drum in her few years. Often spouting out incomprehensible nonsense, she is blatantly disliked by Shadz, and has an edgy relationship with Kyer, who is her elder sister. Lulu has known Levi most of her life, the two meeting after Lulu and Kyer's mother died. Kyer was taken by her father, and Lulu was left behind. Lulu is also a member of Forest. Lulu is in Japan to cosplay, but she's also on assignment, tracking down a young man that Levi has considered his rival since they were small, Aio.

Final Fantasy VII based system, currently including Materia, ATB, Menu System, Cellphone, Limit Breaks
Custom Poses and Actions for each character.
Huge world map for you to explore!
Multiple mini-games and sidequests aside from the main game.
Secret, unlockable ending
Image-based cutscenes.
Intriguing storyline.
Custom Battlers
2 Secret Characters

Swimming=Bad Idea: ShowHide

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IWhere's my sunglasses?: ShowHide

If you want some, ask for some. I don't really have any decent stuff to post right now.

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When we get to Acaridae...: ShowHide

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The sound of a bubble popping.


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wow, this looks awesome!
I would like to try it later on..
Could you give me the tilesets of the first 2 screenshots?

Welcome to CP, btw ^^


This looks amazing Kyrsty! I like the artwork and I'd have to agree with Sub on the logo.


This works better as a whole New Project thread. Your information here fits that criteria much much more than a recruitment advertisement. I'll move the topic to New Projects. Create a new topic about Beta Testing this game in this particular forum linking to this topic.

And with that being said, if I were Beta-ing this, I would nazi the heck out of it. =D (In a good way)

Great, great...=w=

What's osu!? It's a rhythm game. Thought I should have a signature with a working rank. ;P It's now clickable!
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any updates or anything?

I'd still like to beta test as well


August 30, 2009, 09:29:18 am #5 Last Edit: August 30, 2009, 09:43:20 am by SorceressKyrsty
Actually, I do have updates, as well as a demo release that should be mostly bug-free except for a few forgotten switches *maybe*.

There is no new gameplay, the demo still ends once you find Kumo after he leaves the party and you take control of Levi. However, I'm almost sure that no-one so far has passed the Battle Circle. I have fully played through every inch of this game and editted it so much I have the pages worth of bug notes in my notebook. Shows how much attention I pay -_-. The time I took to complete the demo was almost exactly 1 hour, and I skipped through text, etc, however, this was reaching lvl 4 before 'catching' the Subway to the Fairgrounds.
The background are not done yet because I've been too lazy to open up my Mode 7 demo and set the priorities for the different tilesets in order to make proper battle backs. Next demo release will have:
Corrected battle backs
More character poses
A full-scale RTP fight between Aio and Levi, which I have partially done at the moment, but I'm busy screaming at Seifer for spinning around too much in the opening fight of FF8.
More game-play, hopefully up to the streets of Tokyo (you don't spend the whole game in the Fairgrounds but the final battles will be there)
Hopefully, you'll be able to unlock Zane and Ruby in the next demo release, but I make no promises. I don't have Ruby's character and neither of their battlers done, as well as their face sets not being finished either.

Bugs that may still be present:
I may not have disabled the switch that allows you switch back to Kumo and obtain the two secret characters previously mentioned. If Kumo is in the arcade after he leaves your party, don't talk to him. Your game will bug.
Levi is not laying down in the Station Circle after he's unconscious. Will be fixed next release.
Levi's character graphic isn't the bandaged version when you're running around as him. I'll correct this soon. However, he still 'takes off his bandage' after being told to and his sprite remains the scarred version for the rest of the game.

The Updates in this Demo Release (against movies, screenshots etc)

New maps and scenes
New character graphics for Kumo and Levi
More materia

Recommendation: Level up a bit in the alleys. I've been told the first boss is tough. I recommend Level 4+. The boss uses Leg Sweep if you're over Level 5 though. You've been warned.

Also: Equip menu is broken. I need an FF7 one >.>. I'll put in the default one next release so it doesn't look like the aftermath of a Texas Chainsaw Script Massacre.
The sound of a bubble popping.


The sound of a bubble popping.


I get en error everytime I click the download link


Mediafire is freezing my computer at the moment. I don't know why that error occured because I sure as hell didn't remove the file.

The sound of a bubble popping.


The sound of a bubble popping.


um i played it and play was a bit rushed
2.there  were alot of bugs
3.a bit boring and fun at the same time *odd* :???:
overall it was good




@Mila: What kinds of bugs? I went through and listed all those I could find and eliminated them before I released the demo at the MU link- I do need to know about bugs before I release a second demo (2 demos then a final release are planned) because otherwise I feel mean  :^_^':

Yeah, I got the feeling of it being rushed, too. Most of the intro parts are rushed. I don't know why. I'm trying to fix it. The Alleys have been extended, and there's a new scene at the airport, and I think I will extended the airplane scene as well.

Does anyone else have any opinions? Were you able to finish the demo? (it tells you when the demo is finished by the way =D).
The sound of a bubble popping.


um mostly map bug like walking through walls but i think u fixed that so i guess that's all that i ran into  :)


This has a ton of potential, LMAO!!

The midi used for the final boss(odin like guy) is disturbing, Lol, but I love the side-view.


You mean the video where I got my butt kicked on my Youtube? Haha, that video was sped up twice so it went absolutely nuts.

On the side-view: Thanks for the compliment. I'm still working on it, since a few of the battlers I've been using are ancient and I have to fix or completely redo them (Kyer needs the total overhaul for example).
I do have a basic screenshot of a few battlers in-progress:

And hopefully will have some screen shots of the new areas coming soon  ;)

The sound of a bubble popping.


You're doing very well though. I really like this.


The screenshot looks very good. Is that my RTAB status display hack you're using? xD

Tifa's boobs are too small. D:

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Quote from: SorceressKyrsty on October 23, 2009, 07:05:04 am
You mean the video where I got my butt kicked on my Youtube? Haha, that video was sped up twice so it went absolutely nuts.

On the side-view: Thanks for the compliment. I'm still working on it, since a few of the battlers I've been using are ancient and I have to fix or completely redo them (Kyer needs the total overhaul for example).
I do have a basic screenshot of a few battlers in-progress:

And hopefully will have some screen shots of the new areas coming soon  ;)

Am I the only person that noticed the lack of pants?