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Started by (Hexamin), February 12, 2010, 06:01:33 am

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So I recently introduced a friend to RMXP after workin' on my projects at his place.  He immediately started mapping once he got RMXP up and running.  He's trying to make a 500x500 City.

I've made a 100x100 city before, but that's about as large as I've gone.  Anyway, anyone that's used the program for a bit knows that a 500x500 is impractical in regards to lag'n'such.  I thought his idea was kinda cool though, and it may be something I want to work with later.

Similar to assassin's creed (if I remember correctly), I think it would be kinda cool to have a game take place in just a LARGE city.  No wide open fields that just take time to run through while the pesky enemies you killed at level 7 are now just wasting your time.  No need for a lack of focus due to a huge world.  Just one city, with in depth lore and history and culture.

I dunno, anyone have thoughts on this?  (and before someone says that building a 500x500 is noob... I'd break up the city into districts, and sections, etc., to delag and focus storyline/battles/etc.)
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500x500 = too large + lag + RAM usage = bad idea
All I have to say. Avoid it like the pest. Tell him to run the game on the 500x500 map (even empty) and he'll see himself why it's bad.
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Oh wow, I wasn't aware of this, Lol.


What I did when I mapped large areas was make a large 200x200 map in the editor, and then copy paste, shift, and resize to split it up into a bunch of small maps.

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Why not use Blizzard's continuous map script?
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Quote from: C.C. rOyAl on February 12, 2010, 10:57:21 am
Why not use Blizzard's continuous map script?

Yeah I downloaded the demo of that, that's prolly what i'll end up doing.  I've made continuous maps using events, but his system is a lot smoother.  I'm a big advocate of always being center on the screen in the game.  I don't like it when the character isn't center screened (except for cutscenes).  Anyway, yeah folks.  I play event heavy, so the biggest I'd make a map (especially in a city) would probably be 50x48 (with a 40x40 playability area).  I think a city based game might be fun though.
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World building is great as long as your story and all makes sense. It gets people immersed into your game, and by god, it can introduce a lot of sequels/prequels. :P

But yes, if you're making a giant map, use Blizzard's Continuous Map script. It's there for a reason. :U

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