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Started by skyrune83, February 28, 2008, 10:29:34 am

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Hi everyone!  I just recently got a new computer, and I am looking for a good audio editing program.  On my old computer, I had Nero 6 Ultra Edition, whihc had the all-important Nero Wave Editor.  I still have the disc and could install it again, but the bastards at Nero will either prohibit me from saving files as mp3s or make me spend a wad of cash to buy an unlimited mp3 lame package. 

I used Nero Wave Editor frequently and was quite comfortable with it, but I am wondering if there is something better out there I should install on my new computer.  So far, my brother has told me about Creative Media Source, which came with his computer.  But I don't know if I can install it or not - it came with his sound card.  I have SigmaTel High Definition Audio, which I hope doesn't screw me...

Here is what I am looking for:
- Something under $150
- can save unlimited mp3s
- Works on Vista
- Can take one track and split it into multiple files
- Noise reduction tools
- Pitch editing tools
- Cross-fade & Fade-in/Fade-out


Did you try Audacity? It works good enough for me. And it's free.
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Quote from: Fantasist on February 28, 2008, 10:37:52 am
Did you try Audacity? It works good enough for me. And it's free.
I second to this. Audacity is my source for editing songs, usually for amplification though. However, I did make short versions of songs through Audacity...It's mainly for Stepmania purposes however. Though I use Audacity for ripping music on Youtube or rip MIDI music for an .mp3 format. Perfect converter as well, all you need is a plug-in, but it's all set to go.

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Audacity is awesome. I use Sony Sound Forge for cleaning audio, but audacity is simpler, and has some good effects.



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Either Audacity or Steinberg Wavelab (which is not free).
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Downloaded Audacity... so far so good.  Nero does some of the things a little better, but for free, this appears to be a worthy replacement.   :)