[RMXP] BUGGED: A Simple Puzzle Game

Started by This Side Backwards, April 25, 2010, 06:44:42 pm

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This Side Backwards

April 25, 2010, 06:44:42 pm Last Edit: September 24, 2010, 10:43:32 pm by This Side Backwards

BUGGED Version 1

BUGGED is a simple puzzle game where the player has to make the entire board glow by stepping over the separate tiles. Walking over most tiles a second time will turn them off thus bringing you farther away from accomplishing your goal. In version 1, there are 5 stages, each with 10 levels for a total of 30 levels. After completion of a stage, the player is rewarded with a special bonus or play mode. The overall idea behind this game was to use as little menu interaction as possible. It is for that reason that the majority of the games' modes are accessed through the interaction of tiles.

The only script used was the font override from Blizz's Tons of Addons.

I'll add extra levels after completing another of my games. All 30 levels take around 1 hour total to complete.

ARROWS = Movement and menu navigation
SPACE = Select
X = Cancel and open main menu
A = (When unlocked) Switch music
S = (When unlocked) Change bugs

Walk over every tile to make them glow. Some tiles have special attributes attached to them that will either affect you or the tile. Be sure to use the earlier levels to figure out what those special attributes are. After all the tiles are glowing, enter the white portal to be transported to the next level.

Title Screen
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Stage Select
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Main Menu
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Gameplay Gif
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Be sure to install the font in the folder. It is required to play the game.

Graphics, Font, Development :: This Side Backwards :: thissidebackwards.cz.cc
Tons of Addons (Script) :: Blizzard :: http://forum.chaos-project.com/index.php
Music :: Kevin Macloed :: incompetech.com

And also, if I could get this moved to the completed projects folder, that would be greatly appreciated!
:: Thanks Aqua!


this is a really cool game! Good job!


props to you for taking advantage of RMXP's capabilities to make a non-RPG game. :)

This Side Backwards

Thanks winkio, that's generally what I prefer to do... It's easier to actually complete those kinds of games generally and so I don't get too exasperated... Thanks also wizered67 for the comment!


Fun game and well designed. One small gripe is the enemies can hang around on the same few tiles for a long while sometimes.
Other than that it's a great game. *1up*
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This Side Backwards

I added a gameplay gif to gif you a better idea about how the game works. It's short and plays faster than the actual game though...

Also fixed a minor bug on a certain enemy.


September 24, 2010, 07:47:25 pm #6 Last Edit: September 24, 2010, 07:48:41 pm by Blizzard
Hah! Finally got around playing this. <3

I have 3 bugs, one suggestion and one small notice.

Bug 1: Playing through level 3-7 unlocks 3-8 but does not teleport to it. It teleported me to somewhere in world 2. IDK where, I noticed that I'm replaying levels a few levels later.

Bug 2 & 3: The levels 3-9 and 3-X show the exit without having all tiles active. 3-X even only needed very few tiles active.

Suggestion: Holding the button to switch the bug keeps switching it. I suggest either using a switch to prevent that from happening (if button is pressed: if switch is off: set switch on, change bug; else: set switch off) or using a script call for button checking (with "Input.trigger?(Input::X/Y/Z)", IDK which button the S button was).

Notice: The forum's name is "forum.chaos-project.com", not "forums.chaos-project.com". xD You misspelled it in the credits.

I hope to see more levels soon. :)
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This Side Backwards

Found all those problems and fixed em'...

Guess I was getting anxious to get a demo out nearing the end and made a few dumb mistakes...

Thanks for playing and for pointing them out!